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International Law Attorney

November 13, 2020

Currently, thousands of both ordinary people and international companies conducting foreign economic activity in several countries need the services of international law attorney. Moreover, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to use high-quality lawyer services. Only a professional lawyer knows all the subtle aspects of legal procedures and ways to get out of difficult situations with minimal risks.

Eternity Law International has a huge number of lawyers in most countries of the EU, CIS, USA, Asia and Africa, specializing in the following areas:

  • International commercial arbitration
  • International criminal law
  • International business law
  • Private international law
  • International banking law
  • Enforcement of judgments of international courts in other jurisdictions

International Law Attorney

International lawyer provides quality assistance in the participating in court cases. This is a litigation that deals with issues and disputes of international business or international civil relations.

International lawyer has knowledge in the field of international law, civil procedure and international commercial arbitration. International lawyer can provide quality services in the following spheres:

  • Offshore company establishment;
  • Offshore companies liquidation;
  • Offshore companies reorganization;
  • Translation services in court cases;
  • International civil procedure;
  • Enforcement proceedings;
  • Assistance in carrying out business activities abroad.

International lawyer will help you to protect your rights during the execution of a complaint to the higher courts, including courts abroad. In addition, international lawyer provides assistance in protecting interests in accordance with the prescriptions of international legal norms.

The main advantage of international lawyer is in the breadth of his/her sphere of competence and in complex knowledge of the legislation of several countries. The priority area of practice for international lawyers is providing assistance in protecting the interests of clients in international courts and arbitration.

International Commercial Arbitration – International Law Attorney

International legal norms contain principles that are generally recognized throughout the world and are necessary for implementation by all participants of international communication.

The inviolable rule of international law is the observance of human rights, and compliance with international conventions and treaties concluded between specific jurisdictions.

International lawyer is a specialist who will help you to defend your rights in international field, as well as obtain citizenship, find a job abroad, go abroad and much more.

International lawyers with extensive international experience can help you to execute a claim in an international arbitration court, as well as help you to cope with related tasks.

Eternity Law International provides the services of top-notch international lawyers. In addition, Eternity Law International lawyers of will help you in solving the following problems:

  • Investing abroad;
  • Cooperation with foreign investors and partners;
  • Buying real estate abroad;
  • Business organization abroad;
  • Preparation and conclusion of foreign economic agreements;
  • Settlement of disputes under international law;
  • Appealing against the judgment of the court in the higher instances.

Eternity Law International lawyers have knowledge in the field of foreign law, civil procedure, and have extensive experience in the field of international arbitration and international business transactions.

Today, large businesspersons are increasingly trying to enter the global market and do business on a global scale, which, in turn, increases the efficiency and profitability of the business.

However, international economic activity is impossible without the accompaniment of experienced lawyers with the practice of international litigation, because in the course of cooperation between foreign partners, disputes and disagreements often appear. To solve them as seamlessly as possible, you need to turn to international lawyer.

Eternity Law International lawyers provide services to support a global business and resolve legal disputes and issues. Work on the protection of human rights in an international arbitration court is one of the priority spheres of our company.

The International Court of Justice is a body for the international examination of disputes arising in the field of international economic activity. Our international lawyers have knowledge of international law and have extensive experience in this area of ​​legal practice.

Our experts will thoroughly study all aspects of a disputable situation, help you form a solid evidence base, assess the prospects for resolving the situation in an out-of-court format and develop the most advantageous position for your case.

Eternity Law International lawyers are ready to help and defend your rights even in the most desperate and hopeless situations.

Focus on results, a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and a full study of the current situation – these are the three principles that guide our specialists. The protection of human rights has been the road map of our company for many years.

The quality of service and an individual approach to each client will surprise you. Each case for specialists is an opportunity to prove their competence and skill in the field of legal relations in the international format.

Therefore, the priority task is the most comfortable resolution of a disputable situation for our client. Call now and get qualified help.

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