ISO 29001: Oil & Gas Industry

Industry standards are being developed with the aim of unifying management systems, integrating them with each other, through this, optimizing enterprise administration processes. Basis of this standard is the process approach – the identification of the activities of the enterprise, including the quality management itself, the analysis of methods for managing these processes. ISO 29001 is a technical specification developed for the oil, petrochemical and gas industries. Purpose of this document is to implement and comply with all the basic requirements of the quality management system at enterprises whose direct line of business is oil and gas resources development and their processing.

This narrowly focused standard is based on a general postulate – ISO 9001. The implementation of the system with the accompanying preparation of documentation and certification confirms the competence of manufacturers, and guarantees compliance with the requirements of potential customers in this area.

Standard Influence Field

The oil, gas and petrochemical industries have certain specificities that must be taken into account when standardizing quality management processes. These industrial sectors are associated with potentially hazardous processes for processing of flammable substances, liquids and gases. To ensure the safety of employees involved in these processes, end users and the public, as well as an adequate environmental protection level, while maintaining the continuity and profitability of the production cycle. ISO 29001 covers the following.

  • Repair of devices and materials.
  • Research of deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals.
  • Field development, production of oil, mineral and other raw materials.
  • Purification of raw materials (oil, gas, etc.).
  • Sale of oil, gas and other minerals, and production made from them.
  • Maintenance and interconnection between the above processes.

Benefits of passing ISO 9001 certification

What are the benefits of implementing ISO 29001?

  1. Increases loyalty to the enterprise on the part of customers, partners and regulatory authorities.
  2. Provides a high level of attractiveness of the company for current and potential shareholders and investors.
  3. Forms a positive image of the company for the media, consumers and the public.
  4. A competitive advantage in domestic and international markets.
  5. Increases the chances of winning tenders and auctions.
  6. Minimizes the percentage of rejects, increases the average raw materials and products quality.
  7. Reduces unplanned costs associated with problems of low-quality goods (return, compensation for damage from products of inadequate quality, fines and other payments, costs of recalling and disposing of low-quality lots).
  8. Increases controlling processes efficiency and ensures the flexibility of their adaptation to changing conditions.
  9. It makes it possible to obtain more favorable conditions for insurance, obtaining loans, etc.

Additional ISO 29001 Points

  • Increased reputation and level of trust. ISO is an international standard. It is understood by market participants all over the world. 65% of our customers report that the level of trust in their company has increased significantly after ISO 29001
  • Cost optimization. The system allows you to simplify work processes, minimize manufacturing defects and build a process for continuous quality improvement.
  • Sales growth. The implementation of the quality management system enabled 73% of our clients to achieve the maximum quality of the services provided, expand the sales market, and increase the number of contracts with large customers.

It is especially recommended to undergo certification for companies involved in geological works, production, transportation and storage of hydrocarbon raw materials, gas and oil refineries, suppliers and repairers of industry equipment. A key ISO 29001 element in guaranteeing the appropriate supplied items is the quality control system used by the supplier of the goods and the service contractor.

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