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UK Forex Brokerage License

January 19, 2023

Forex-license grants official rights to its holder to act as a participant in Forex-market and offer a list of relevant services to clients. Great Britain is one of progressive European countries that adopted Forex-activities and where one of the first spaces began to operate Forex-trading. The UK has a loyal, however, at the same time, strict regulatory basis for Forex-activities, which is done in order to protect capital holders and clients as much as possible.

Our company specializes in field of licensing and establishment of commercial structures around the world. We give professional support in obtaining various permits in hundreds of jurisdictions, in particular, crypto licenses in France, Estonia, Germany, Poland and others.

UK (FCA) Forex license requirements

To be allowed to operate legally in the UK, an applicant must demonstrate to the regulative authority they meet certain criteria and locally set norms. Non-compliance with at least one of which may result in refusal to issue a Forex broker license UK.

  1. The presence of a locally established firm and legal office.
  2. Minimum amount of initial capital for a brokerage organization needs to be 125 thousand euros. For dealer permit businessmen need a minimum 730,000 EUR.
  3. It is permitted that the company be established by a non-resident person. However, the company needs to hire a director with residence.

Company’s director must be experienced and literate. It’s a key point to obtain a permit. The director is required to pass the testing conducted by the FCA and a special procedure in order to approve this person for the position.

General package of documentation consists of next-mentioned:

  • an application drawn up in the form that was created by the regulator;
  • a form with the primary data of applicant about himself/herself and firm;
  • questionnaire with data on director and compliance-officer;
  • a detailed business-strategy for next 5-year-period;
  • description of the organizational structure of the firm, which will reflect the number of all beneficiaries and representatives of the management;
  • correctly prepared financial statements, which will reflect the movement of assets available on the accounts of the company;
  • assessment of company’s financial condition reflecting total amount of material goods in the accounts and in circulation.

Our company will assist you in the collection and preparation of documentation for Forex trading license UK. We will take care of the nuances and controversial aspects of this process, in particular, interaction with regulative authority.

forex broker license uk

Types of FX licenses in United Kingdom

For FX-companies, there’re three groups of official permits.

  1. Dealership. It’s permission for full brokerage-activities locally, in Europe and globally.
  2. Intermediary. It’s a possibility for a broker to trade in the local market with minimal risk. The activity is carried out entirely through the ECN – a special electronic network.
  3. Limited. The broker can trade on the stock exchange, but does not get rights to keep customers’ money.

Advantages of Forex licenses in UK

The UK is reliable and promising Forex-center on a global level. In particular, the owner of UK forex license gets admission to next-mentioned special powers and privileges.

  1. Legal provision of brokerage service list in Europe and globally.
  2. Access to online-trading.
  3. Jurisdiction’s image as a stable and cost-effective space, aimed at providing maximum safety for entrepreneurs and clients.
  4. Simple and clear identification system.
  5. Fast approval and approval provided that all requirements and regulative parameters are met.
  6. Easy permit renewal and low cost of further operation.

Our company provides professional assistance in getting permits in other jurisdictions, in particular, Forex licenses in Vanuatu, Cyprus, Malta and others.

Process to obtain Forex broker license UK

This process is quite simple and understandable. However, to save your own time, money and avoid possible difficulties, we recommend that you turn to our experts.

  1. Establishment of a firm locally. If there are no claims, registration time is no more than four days.
  2. Hiring management personnel and compliance officers in particular.
  3. Opening a bank account.
  4. Depositing the full amount of initial capital.

Taxation of FX-companies in United Kingdom 

Corporate tax rate that applies is 17%. The standard VAT is 20%.

What is included in our services

Our professionals accompany you at every stage of development of your business-project.

  1. Companies’ registration with full support of a competent lawyer.
  2. Collection and preparation of necessary documentation.
  3. Getting licenses and special permits to conduct activities.
  4. An extensive corporate service list: assistance in recruitment, office rental, reporting, etc.
  5. Ready-made companies and licenses for sale.
  6. Professional consultation on any issues.

Cost of UK Forex license 

Cost of getting Forex trading license UK is calculated individually in each case. We direct all our efforts to the correct calculation for you and to the maximum optimization of your budget.

Our advantages

We are a team of qualified experts whose goal is to achieve the maximum effective result for our clients in the shortest possible time.

  1. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.
  2. Wide professional coverage. We work with a variety of commercial areas, providing comprehensive assistance in establishing companies and obtaining licenses in them.
  3. An extensive list of corporate services. We’ll take care of difficulties and tricky nuances that may lie in wait for you on the way to the development of your business, accompanying you at every stage.
  4. High professional qualifications and extensive procedural knowledge.
  5. The desire to keep up with the latest technological and software solutions, as well as constantly monitoring changes in the laws and regulatory frameworks of countries.

We’ll become your reliable allies and faithful assistants in getting UK forex license and other issues. Turning to us, the start of your commercial journey will be simple and fast.

Do forex traders need a license in UK?

UK forex license provides its owner with official rights to act as a participant in the Forex market. In addition, this permission is necessary in order to be able to offer consumers a list of relevant services. Traders who have not received a license do not have the right to work in the Forex market, and may also receive a fine for conducting unregulated and uncontrolled activities.

How is forex regulated in the UK?

The local regulator – the FCA – strictly monitors the activities of Forex brokers and issues appropriate licenses. To obtain Forex trading license UK to operate legally in this jurisdiction, an applicant must demonstrate to the regulator that they meet certain criteria and parameters. Only if the requirements are fully met will the FCA approve the licensing application and issue permission.

Is Forex Trading Legal in UK?

In order to legally operate as a Forex broker in the UK, you must obtain the appropriate license. Forex trading license UK provides its owner with access to the Forex market and the ability to provide services to consumers legally. Successfully obtaining a license requires compliance with the parameters and criteria put forward by the local regulator.

How much is a forex license in UK?

The total cost of obtaining UK forex license is calculated individually in each case. Our specialists will direct all their efforts and knowledge to the correct calculation for you and to the maximum optimization of your budget. Contact our managers and soon receive a free consultation from our lawyers.

forex trading license uk

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