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Company registration in Greece

December 11, 2020

Greece is one of those countries where the company registration procedure is as close as possible to the offshore type. In addition, the legal framework in Greece is quite loyal, especially in relation to foreign entrepreneurs. It is the favorable conditions for doing and organizing business that have made Greece such a desirable jurisdiction.

Companies forms in Greece

  1. Open joint stock company. The minimum amount of initial capital must be 60 thousand euros. This amount must be paid within 30 days from the date the company was incorporated. This type of enterprise is governed by a board of directors, whose representatives are mostly EU residents.
  2. Closed company. Limited liability is imposed on the founders of such an enterprise. Requirements for the Criminal Code – 18 thousand euros. ½ of this amount is payable upon registration. A resident of the EU must necessarily be appointed to the position of director of the company, however, direct management of the enterprise can be carried out by a non-resident through a power of attorney.
  3. Unlimited and limited partnership.
  4. Joint venture.
  5. Private entrepreneurial objects that conduct separate activities and develop their own business, bearing equal responsibility in accordance with the terms of their own project.
  6. Companies engaged in shipping business.
  7. A branch of a foreign enterprise, for the opening of which you will need to obtain the approval of the prefect of the relevant region.
  8. Offshore organization. The profits that such a company makes, and if they are received outside Greece, are not taxed. To open this type of enterprise, you need to deposit a guarantee amount of 50 thousand dollars. In the event that all conditions and requirements are met, the so-called Greek offshore will receive many of the following benefits:
  • 0 rate for tax levies;
  • the company is exempt from paying various kinds of duties, such as customs, postage and others;
  • the company gets the opportunity to draw up accounting reports in the language of the native state;
  • labor resources arriving from abroad will receive a work permit for a period of 2 years.

Benefits of registering a company in Greece

Despite the fact that the tax in Greece is quite high, this state continues to actively attract foreign investment and foreign entrepreneurs. Among the main advantages of this jurisdiction for entrepreneurs wishing to register their company are the following:

  • prestige and respectability;
  • signed agreements to prevent double taxation;
  • simple business registration process;
  • confidentiality of information;
  • the opportunity to use the services of a nominee representative;
  • some tax benefits.

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