EMI license in Cyprus

EMI license in Cyprus

Companies that specialize in payment services in Cyprus are controlled at the legislative level. The provisions of the new directives, in comparison with the previous ones, are aimed at the future improvement of the payments sector in the EU for the benefit of companies and customers. The new regulations also help develop new internet and mobile payment services and provide better consumer protection. In doing so, the directive helps to ensure a level playing field for companies providing these services, including new market ventures or fintechs, and organizes a more developed and efficient EU financial market. New laws promote progress, technology and efficiency in the online market. Thus, an EMI license in Cyprus is an opportunity to use all the advantages of the European environment and get a reliable source of profit.

PSD2 is a new step towards the end of a seamless digital market in Europe and already gives consumers a diverse choice of systems for making payments. Our company will help to register and license a payment company in Cyprus and will provide support in the first stages of work. This license assumes the ability to work throughout Europe.

What is involved in obtaining permission for electronic money institution license in Cyprus?

  1. Collection of documents and preparation of an application in accordance with all the rules of the law.
  2. Creation of the project and structure of the IP in accordance with the wishes of investors and commercial plans, and with the least investment.
  3. Creation of a quality business plan.
  4. Development of company rules and guidelines for combating money laundering.
  5. Submitting an application to the appropriate regulatory authority.
  6. Selection of shareholders and employees of the enterprise.
  7. Completion of all necessary additional documentation for certification of Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) in Cyprus.
  8. Preparation of all required justifications to be sent to the appropriate regulatory authority, if required by the applicant.
  9. Preparing letters to accompany the application in case any additional information is requested.
  10. Receive specialized advice on all aspects related to filing an application for opening a company and licensing.
  11. Compiling responses to requests and proposals from government agencies that are associated with payment companies.

Electronic payment instruments are an excellent online alternative to conventional fiat money, which allows customers to keep their savings in a virtual wallet, card or phone and pay with a few clicks, without having to carry money with them all the time.

Companies having Cyprus E-Money Institution License are controlled and regulated at the legislative level by the articles of the relevant national law.

The authorized body that regulates payment companies in this jurisdiction is the Central Bank. A company that deals with transactions related to electronic funds may offer its users all payment transactions that are possible as an addition to the issuance of electronic funds. When the company is opened, registered and legally possesses Electronic money institution (EMI) license in Cyprus, it has the right to immediately engage in the provision of services anywhere in the European Union. At the same time, you can open additional offices and branches, or work on a cross-border basis without obtaining any additional documents and permits.

Our team employs only professionals who are well versed in the law and know perfectly well how to quickly and without spending extra time and money to open a business and obtain an EMI license in Cyprus or in another jurisdiction. We will help you quickly register a company and provide appropriate support in the early stages of the company’s development. In addition, an extensive list of ready-made companies for sale is available to our clients – contact us and we will select the best option for you as soon as possible.

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