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Investment in cryptocurrency in 2018

November 23, 2018

It seems incredible that humanity already has money that is not controlled by anything. Not subject to control and no one really and do not belong. Now we are talking about cryptocurrency.

These are currencies not from the distant future, but from the present one, since investing in cryptocurrency today is considered to be almost one of the most profitable solutions for how and where to invest money. Over the past few years, trading or mining cryptocurrency could completely return and increase investment in a few months.

Today everything has become much more complicated. Many factors began to influence cryptocurrency markets. The cost of basic cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BTC Cash, is shaken and loses from 5 to 30% daily.

The main reason for the fall in the cost of cryptocurrency from recent events is considered hardfork BTC Cash, which resulted in the emergence of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, the followers of which cannot come to a consensus among themselves. As a result of hardfork many investors in cryptocurrency began to withdraw significant capital from cryptocurrency, and this has caused the market to collapse.

Despite the panic around what happened, many investors remain calm and are waiting for the positions to return to their places. Many even buy major currencies at current prices, which are significantly lower than they were a few days ago.

Even if you understand how profitable it is today to invest in cryptocurrency, the rules for successful investing are still relevant. For example, the important question remains, which of the digital currencies is worth investing? Today there are so many digital coins that you can easily get confused.

Some investors claim that the best digital coin of our time is bitcoin.But how true is it?

Of course, one cannot deny that this digital coin is experiencing a peak of popularity today. It surpasses much, both in cost and in total capitalization of its rivals from the competitive sphere. But no one can guarantee that this situation will continue.

In addition, you can invest not only in the purchase of digital coins, but also in mining. To begin this process, a person will need initial capital.

Sometimes it is a large amount. The advantages of mining, for example, are that you can receive different coins from the same equipment, since their algorithms are similar to each other.

So it is difficult to dispute the fact that today the cryptocurrency was able to firmly enter the life of a modern person. Digital coins are used in cashless transactions and are considered to be an excellent enrichment tool for millions of forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

Then why don’t you start having incomes in this field just by skillfully investing money? Every day there are new currencies that are so cheap that you can buy up to 100,000 for $ 100. In the course of several months or a year, the value of such currencies may increase tens or even hundreds of times.

It remains only to understand what it is worth investing your funds in and how, and now we will try to figure out the questions in this regard.


Investing in cryptocurrency has a lot of advantages. But is this process promising, and do you need to give your last financial resources in order to get a ghostly profit so far in the distant future?

It is precisely for this reason that not everyone wants to safely invest money, but only use digital coins for settlements between counterparties. The volatility of the cryptocurrency is forced to act by courageous, cautious people trying to work with fiat funds.

Are you still in doubt? Then please read realistic facts and real life examples.

Bitcoin over the past 2017, the price for it has increased by more than twenty times. At the beginning of last year, the rate was around seven hundred dollars, then by the end of 2017 it had reached more than nineteen thousand dollars.

And investors, who invested their money in the first half of 2017, were able to earn over 14,000 profits in US dollars from just Bitcoin. Agree that this is a very attractive amount.

Lightcoin. In the first half of 2017, the quote was four dollars for one coin. By the end of the year, the quotation was three hundred dollars for one coin. Of course, here the profitability is slightly inferior to bitcoin, but with each coin to have $ 296 is also very profitable.

Ethereum – one of the most popular coins. Last year, its quotation rose from ten dollars to more than 1,300 dollars. With one digital coin, investors could earn more than $ 1,290.

And the examples do not end there. In fact, there are hundreds, even thousands. And I must say that today’s digital coins are not a year or two, but much more. For example, bitcoin has already celebrated its tenth anniversary. Most of today’s popular digital coins are at least two or three years old.

If you begin to invest money in them at the beginning of their development, then your profit will be even greater in the future.

Arguing on the topic of profitable or unprofitable to invest money in cryptocurrency, it is worth remembering about the riskiness of such enterprises. The area of ​​cryptocurrency – from a little stable. Now while the growth rate is observed, but in just one night a “collapse” may occur, and the quotation may drop by half.

The reason for this situation is the instability of the position of digital coins, so it is worth being extremely careful with investing.

But, in general, it is possible and even necessary to make investments in digital currencies. If in 2018, the top digital currencies have risen so much in growth that they have already become little accessible to most people, then there are still a lot of new startups. Invest in them at least a couple of dollars, and in just a couple of years they will start to grow decently.

And once you make a sound investment, but a small one, you can become a rich person.

In 2018, you can make investments in cryptocurrency, only by selecting a promising business project. And to make it very difficult.  For example, there are business projects that do not have prospects, but marketing and advertising campaigns were carried out competently, and they were able to “take off” at their cost.

But in the near future, their price will start to fall, and such investments will not justify themselves enough.


Given that the cryptocurrency is today in an unstable situation, the balance of benefits and the riskiness of investing in cryptocurrency makes people think about which currencies from digital may deserve attention, and which ones should be better around.

On the way to profitable investments potential investors can expect a lot of risks. Let’s voice the key ones. For example, the scope of cryptocurrency is not controlled by the legislative framework of most of the world state.  In other words, a cryptocurrency, in many respects, still remains outside the legislative framework.

Today, of course, states are trying to adopt legislation that would begin to “control” this area, but they are still so raw that it will take a very long time for them to fully work.

That is why investors have every chance of losing their money by investing their money in cryptocurrencies, which have every chance of being banned in the future. There is always a high probability that the course on cryptocurrencies can “fall”.

There is another question that does not give peace to potential investors. What will happen if money is invested in a cryptocurrency, and its course, instead of going up, goes into regression? Or – which is even more terrible – it will not just “squeeze”, but at that level it will “fix” at all.

And this can be. So you should not risk all your money. It is worth diversifying and investing in several cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Then there will be much higher opportunity to receive investments.

Also remains a high probability of formation of a “bubble”. So-called one-day business projects in which investors invest funds, and the next day these projects, like soap bubbles, begin to “burst”.

Even understanding and realizing the whole riskiness of investing in cryptocurrencies, you should still think twice: is it worth doing such deposits? This area is not subject to control, there are numerous fraudulent groups in it, as well as many other hidden dangers.

There are so many features in this area that ordinary investors cannot be familiar with. If you are going to invest in cryptocurrency, then our advice to you is to choose the most reliable digital currencies. Remember – you should never make large investments in one cryptocurrency.

There is a high probability that in one day this will turn into a real tragedy for your financial capital. Cryptocurrency is not supported by anything.

For a full-fledged and efficient investment, it is worthwhile to select an initially winning start-up. And this will be an example of the fact that you can invest less money and get the maximum profit from it.

Just try to remember that any cryptocurrency is not just a virtual calculation unit, but also a complex technology that can sometimes provide unique opportunities for people using it.

It is precisely for this reason that tokens can be compared with assets that, in the future, can be transformed according to all the chances they have to become analogous to the securities of organizations, for example, for such giants as holding companies like Apple or Google.

For advice on investing in cryptocurrencies, contact a specialist Eternity Law International.

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