Company registration Delaware

Registration fee EUR 870.00
Company renewal cost EUR 790.00
Number of directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid Authorized Capital 0.00
Reporting requirements no

General information about the company in Delaware

Company type – Limited Liability Company (LLC);

The time frame for company registration – 2 to 3 days;

The Delaware Secretary of State is the governing body;

Companies are regulated by the Delaware Corporation and business law.

Legislation – Modern offshore legislation.

Legal system – Common law.

Corporate taxation – no taxes of any kind in case a company does not conduct any business in the United States.

Availability of Records – Open Public Registry.

Time zone – GMT-4.

Currency – US dollar (USD).

Nominee service cost – USD 1,450

Documents required for llc company in Delaware

  • Apostilled Certificate of incorporation.
  • By-Laws (Articles of Association).
  • Statement of Incorporator in Lieu of Organization Meeting (Statement of the Registrar instead of the Minutes of the organizational meeting).

Authorized capital of a company in Delaware

  • Standard currency – USD.
  • Standard authorized capital – No.
  • Minimum Paid capital – No.

Shareholders, directors, and authorized persons of a company in Delaware

  • The minimum number of shareholders is 1.
  • The minimum number of directors is 1.
  • Local office requirement – no.
  • The requirement for a company secretary is optional.

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Company reporting in Delaware

  • The requirement for an auditor – No;
  • The requirement for mandatory reports – No (if there is no income in the US)
  • Financial reporting requirements – None (if there is no income in the US)

Documents for company registration in Delaware

  • Certified copy of a valid passport (or national ID);
  • Certified proof of address – the utility bill (not older than three months) in English (or translation).

Interesting facts

Delaware law, which forms the basis of the State’s legal precedent, provides wide flexibility for corporations and LLCs incorporated in the State of Delaware. Thus, this State is very favorable for doing business.

Information about Delaware

Delaware’s geographical location is a real advantage in terms of export markets due to its proximity to the sea and major transport routes. Delaware State Law – General Corporation provides a good reputation for this jurisdiction and helps Delaware to become famous for company incorporation.

Companies incorporated in Delaware, known as LLCs, offer the benefits of a combination between a corporation limited by shares and a Limited Partnership, which are thus a good way to protect the owners’ personal liability and property.

At the same time, it allows an owner to enjoy the benefits of a tax-free jurisdiction for all business transactions and profits generated outside the United States without passing through the restrictions of the United States Corporation. This makes it possible to have an American company with the same advantages as an offshore International Business Company.

Delaware registration procedure

Upon receipt of the client’s KYC documents (a copy of the passport and proof of residence address issued within the last three months) and the description of the proposed economic activity, and after verification by our legal department, we will register the company in the State of Delaware, the USA.

Federal company taxation in the USA

The US LLCs, structured for tax regime of a partnership with non-residents, which do not do business in the US and do not have a source of income in this country, are not subject to US federal income tax and are not required to file a US income tax report. However, an FBAR must be filed every year if the bank account balance exceeds $10,000.

Delaware company. Name restrictions

The name of a Limited Liability Company must end with LLC or LC. It is not allowed to use the names of already registered companies or some similar to those. Also, it is prohibited to use words such as a bank, a trust, insurance, or reinsurance in the form of an LLC company, since the LLC is not allowed to conduct banking or insurance activities.

Language of corporate documents


If you want to register a company in the United States, our specialists will help you quickly and efficiently do it in Delaware. Also, you can buy a ready-made company in this State. Write to us in the CRM form, and we will help you register a company in Delaware.

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