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Offshore company Bahamas

October 6, 2020
Registration fee1 405.00 USD
The cost of renewal of the company1340.00 USD
Number of directors1
Corporate tax0.00%
Paid share capital25 000.00
Mandatory reportingno

Who does not know about the Bahamas? It’s real paradise, located in the Atlantic ocean, it has a membership of over 700 Islands, 40 of which are inhabited. The inhabited territory of the Bahamas is 13 900 square kilometers.

The island is officially controlled by the British Queen, but the actual superintendent is a Governor-General appointed by the Queen.

The Bahamas has become popular not only among tourists but also among businessmen who wish to register an offshore company. The business climate in this territory is very favorable.


Foreign companies are registered in the Bahamas, as IBC (International Business Company).

However, they do not have the right to cooperate with local organizations, as well as to invest in any projects registered in the territory of the Bahamas (the only exception is a private office).

The area has a number of restrictions on the scope of activities in which an offshore company can be registered. In particular, you can not register the IBC, dealing with the following types of businesses:

  • banking and finance;
  • trust industry;
  • the insurance business.

In addition, you cannot transfer office of the company to other organizations. In short, if you have registered a company in the Bahamas, you can carry on business anywhere, but not on the Islands.

To register a company, you will need a charter and a contract, signed by the founders. With the opening an authorized person on the Islands deals.


First, there is no limit for the size of the charter capital, but you should consider that its amount affects the premium. Thus, if you deposit an amount of not more than $50,000, the fee will be only $350.

If you exceed the specified value, you will have to pay $1 000. The company based in the Islands can issue only registered shares, but the nominal price may not be declared.

If you need to register an offshore company in the Bahamas, our specialists will help you quickly and professionally register a company in the Bahamas.

Also, you can buy a ready-made company in the Bahamas. Write to us in the CRM form and we will help you make the right choice of jurisdiction.

Eternity Law International specialists will provide you with expert advice on acquiring an offshore company, opening a bank account in any jurisdiction, and further accompanying your company’s activities at any stage of the work.

We offer ready-made European and offshore companies – re-registration of documents for new owners takes 2 days.

If you have any questions or need advice on registration or purchase of an offshore company, please call us at the numbers on the website or fill out and send us the form at the bottom of the page.

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