Company registration in Switzerland

Company registration in Switzerland is a popular choice of jurisdiction for several reasons. In this country there is a very attractive tax system, loyal legislation even for non-residents, and a stable political and economic situation.

All these factors have made Switzerland extremely popular among foreigners who want to start their own company there.

In a foreign country, it is difficult to cooperate with government agencies without knowing the language, legislation and nuances of filling out documents. Eternity Law International offers its services to anyone who has decided to register a company in Switzerland.

First, you need to decide on the purpose of founding a company and choose the most optimal organizational and legal form. It is extremely difficult to do this without the advice and support of professionals.

Switzerland has 26 cantons. The organization of legal entities in each canton is governed by its own legislation. The Swiss tax system is also complex.

Tax collection can be carried out at different levels: municipal, cantonal, federal, which determines the interest rate of the tax itself. The minimum amount of company taxes is levied in Zurich and Zug.

Companies ownership according to Swisslaw

Swiss law identifies only two organizational and legal forms for companies registered in its territory.

  1. Limited Liability Company. The directors must be a Swiss citizens. At the time of filing documents for state registration of the company, the founders must pay at least 20,000 Swiss francs. Each year, a legal entity must submit reports in the appropriate forms provided for by the legislation of a particular canton.
  2. Joint-stock company. The managers of the company are recognized by the founders, there are no specific requirements for their citizenship, but a Swiss citizen must be hired as one of the directors. The authorized capital of a joint stock company is formed in the amount of 100,000 Swiss francs. Every year you need to submit data on accounting transactions, turnover of goods and profits. In some cases, such a company is required to undergo an annual audit.

Business owners of another state in Switzerland can open a branch. At the same time, the parent company remains the founder; there are no specific requirements for the amount of the authorized capital. The only condition for employees is the presence in the management team of a person who lives in Switzerland.

You do not need to collect a huge package of documents to register a branch. Moreover, a preferential tax rate applies to the profits of branches received from conducting activities on the territory of the state.

For more information about each of the forms, please contact Eternity Law International specialists. Qualified employees will answer all questions.

Swiss business rules for non-residents

It is necessary to organize its activities after registering a company. If the founder of the company does not reside in Switzerland on a permanent basis, you need to take care of the representation of interests and legal support.

Eternity Law International offers its services at all stages of setting up your business in Switzerland. Our specialists provide support in the legal and accounting field. For detailed information as for doing business in Switzerland, contact the experts in any convenient way.

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