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PSP license in Brazil

October 12, 2022

Brazil’s common payment system – SPB – includes firms, processes and others being associated with clearing and payments mechanisms created for processing of monetary operations in foreign currency and similar assets. According to laws of state, SPB also includes payment establishments and schemes for organizing payments. As in any other jurisdiction, a PSP license in Brazil can only be obtained by meeting the requirements set by the local regulatory authorities.

SPB participants who are in charge of clearing are covered by international regulative provisions.

Payment Service Provider license in Brazil

For financial market clients, main criterion is the confidence that they are part of a stable and profitable mechanism, in particular, services offered by SBP parties. Because payments and clearing mechanisms have the status of the main ones for all deals being carried out as part of Brazilian space formation.

As for provisions of law, Central Banking authority – BCB – has the right to provide and maintain a reliable and solid SPB, as well as a space for operation of PSP licenses in Brazil. Additionally, sphere of influence of main banking authorities includes the constant improvement of overall mechanism and bringing it in line with principles of local Council.

BCB is in charge of issuing permission for Payment Service providers in Brazil, supervises and regulates all SPB participants in order to maintain reliable and secure channels for the transmission of monetary mechanisms and manage systemic risk mitigation mechanisms. In addition, the influence of BCB extends to the controlling of two niches for settlements and transactions.

In particular, BCB conducts analysis for deals with derivatives, clearing and payments mechanisms. This’s done in order to implement the following aspects:

  • a sufficient quantity of probable additional collateral and guarantees necessary to cover the default of 2 parts with the most critical risk indicators;
  • sufficiency of liquid funds in order to provide a guarantee of timely repayment of obligations that assume duties of a fiscal nature.


Establishments are connected with SPB as they accept and hold demand deposits. In addition, these establishments open and provide accounts that are used by firms to conduct transactions. Small trading companies that process transactions, deposits, control savings and term accounts also act as such intermediaries.

According to Brazilian laws, a PSP permit that covers next-mentioned operations:

  • issue of payment means;
  • supervision of accounts;
  • acquiring for payment tools;
  • cashing and crediting assets;
  • other transactions being related to payments services fields controlled by BCB.

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