Permanent resident card in Lithuania

Permanent resident card in Lithuania – interesting possibility. Lithuania is a country that opens prospects for those who want to penetrate the European environment and change their social status.

Registration of a Lithuanian permanent resident card has many advantages. The population of Lithuania is distinguished by its friendliness and loyalty to immigrants. In addition, the climate for business development in Lithuania is quite comfortable.

In addition, EU membership gives the following:

  • the ability to visit the Schengen countries without obtaining a visa, as well as freely move through the territory of another 80 states;
  • loyal conditions for obtaining visas for a visit to Canada, Britain and America;
  • the ability to open accounts in banking institutions in Europe.

In order to obtain a permanent resident card in Lithuania, there is no need to get documents as for the absence of a criminal record. In addition, there is no need to be constantly in the country in order to keep the acquired status.

Lithuanian permanent resident card is the right to official employment.

With a permanent resident card in this country, you can buy a car, get a mortgage, conduct business and, that is the most important, apply for a permanent permit, which is issued for ever and gives the privileges of a resident of a member state of the European Union.

Methods for acquiring citizenship in Lithuania

A standard Lithuanian permanent resident card is issued for 1 year, and then it must be renewed. This procedure will need to be repeated periodically for 5 years, after which you can apply for a permanent status.

Applications are considered within 6 months, no more. In fact, everything happens much faster. Then, if an affirmative decision is made, the applicant gets a plastic ID card that replaces the visa.

You can submit documents only personally. An authorized person cannot do it. Among the basic reasons for obtaining a Lithuanian permanent resident card are the following:

  • the process of restoring citizenship in accordance with the repatriation program;
  • registration of marriage with a person who has Lithuanian citizenship;
  • family reunification;
  • conclusion of a formal employment contract with local organizations;
  • completing training in universities or conducting research activities;

The peculiarities of the registration procedure and the likelihood of a positive answer depend on each specific case, but, in general, the right to receive a Lithuanian residence permit is available to those who:

  • owns real estate (rented or personal) at 14 m2 per person;
  • has monthly income of 325 euros.

According to the Law, only citizens of Lithuania or persons who own a local business can buy real estate.

The procedure for registering a business for obtaining a permanent resident card

The company must be registered at least 6 months before sending a request for acquiring the status of a citizen. The company must employ at least three persons who are citizens of Lithuania or have a legal status.

The organization will need a legal address, and the applicant will need confirmation of a place of residence in the country.

As a rule, the most common form of a newly created enterprise is an LLC (rarely a JSC is chosen by the applicant). The owner also undertakes to promptly calculate payment for the work performed, pay the appropriate fees and tax duties.

Otherwise, the authorities may decide to refuse to issue a residence permit or to renew it for the next period.

However, it should be noted that in Lithuania there are very low rates in the taxation system and acceptable expenses for the maintenance of the organization, so the conditions for doing business there are in the hands of the entrepreneur.

Obtaining temporary residence permit passports in Lithuania

A person applying for a residence in Lithuania needs the following:

  • workplace in the state – you need to be either a shareholder or founder of an enterprise, or register yourself as an employee;
  • salary of at least 289 euros per month;
  • payment of taxes from 159 euros per month, but after receiving the card.

For the first period, a residence permit can be issued only for the applicant. If it is planned to obtain a passport for a spouse or spouse, or children, then this will become possible with the next renewal of the document.

Immediately after the main applicant is granted status, spouses and children can receive a multi-visa.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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