Ready-Made Company in Spain

Ready-Made Company in Spain

For investors who intend to open own firms in Spain, there are two possible options – open organization in accordance with usual procedure and buy a ready-made company in Spain. Latter-mentioned variant is interesting for those entrepreneurs wanting to start their activities asap. Such enterprises are established; only thing to wait for their new owner is complete ownership passing. Quick start is far from only privilege of a ready-made structure. About it, and about why it is worth choosing Spain, we’ll talk below.

Why should you pay attention to ready-made company in Spain?

Biggest excellence of buying a ready company in Spain is significant time savings. You’ll be able to bypass all administrative steps, fully concentrating on the development of your project. In addition, while your potential competitors spend time collecting all documentation and registering with the regulator, you’ll already start making deals with your first clients and partners and work on reputation. Company for sale in Spain has next-mentioned characteristics:

  • the presence of a package of constituent documents with the appropriate notarization;
  • the firm must have a physical address;
  • duly executed approbation in commercial list;
  • firm must posses tax code and banking account for corporate purposes;
  • start-up capital – it may be subsequently enlarged by new assets. It occurs through the drawing up of an agreement on shares sale.

Company in Spain for sale involves the choice of a certain legal form by the entrepreneur. This is necessary for the official certification – without it registration is impossible. Most Spanish firms are LLCs.

Ready project is a structure already passed all stages of establishment and has a corresponding fiscal number. The presence of the latter is mandatory, since it is this number giving business opportunities to carry out trade. In addition, the fiscal number allows you to add any other to your commercial operations; in addition, it is easier to apply for a loan and get a quick approval.

Do you want to buy a firm in Spain? Check out the licensee requirements

Acquisition of company with bank account for sale requires a mandatory preliminary acquaintance with the requirements for the licensee. Foreign investors do not have to personally appear in the country in order to make a deal. You can turn to specialists who’ll take over your representation and communication with the seller. You will only need to issue a power of attorney, in which our lawyers will also help you.

The only change that often needs to be made to an already finished structure concerns its directors. In particular, a NIE needed to be provided for new director – not necessarily Spanish. After the transaction is completed, you can transform its name, adjust the Statute and so on.

Pros of buying companies in Spain for sale

Establishing a business in accordance with regular process involves long registration way, usually completed in several stages. Privilege of ready commercial projects, particularly, is that you can quickly “fit in” to the industry and start working right away. Firm is approved by necessary local authorities, which saves a lot of time. Among others, the following privileges of ready-made company in Spain are available to the investor:

  • no need to contribute start-up capital – it already has necessary means;
  • a clean history – it gives you a guarantee of no debts and opportunity to realize your full potential;
  • documents certified by a Spanish notary;
  • the new owner can make certain changes according to their own plans.

How long may process of buying ready firms take?

As we noted earlier, buying ready structures in Spain is a quick and easy option, which distinguishes it favorably from opening organization from scratch. Registration according to usual parameters might take several weeks – it’s possible to acquire business in just a day. As soon as all documentation is signed, you immediately start to work as the head of the project and conduct the necessary commercial transactions.

Our experts will help you choose the best option, taking into account your needs and wishes. We have extensive experience in the sale and purchase of ready businesses in many jurisdictions, in particular in Spain. Contact us for more details – we are at your service at any time.

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