Crypto license in Czech Republic

<strong>Crypto license in Czech Republic</strong>

Back in 2015 the country that we will consider today began to regulate the relationship of the crypto currency with the state. Having a number of documents supplied by the National Bank that qualify it. The country, in comparison with other “innovative countries”, stands out in that it does not issue permissions for pursuits with digital currencies.

In some countries, digital currency is a means of payment, in others it is property, and in others it is a short-term monetary benefit. There is no consensus on this yet. In the country, digital currency is not recognized as a financial instrument, and its sale, purchase or interchange for fiat money is not a monetary service. digital currency is also not reviewed as a money invested tool here, so a special permission is not necessary for operations with it. Also, the Ministry of today’s country, which regulates all financial actions, perceives digital currency as an intangible asset, and its swap for another asset or money does not require a licence.

When do you need a cryptocurrency license?

When working with e-money as with your own asset, a permission is not necessary; this is not an entrepreneurial activity. But a permission is needed when there is a systematic management of other people’s assets, and financial resources are accumulated from individuals or legal entities in order to invest them in cryptocurrency on swap.

Cryptocurrency mining is already an entrepreneurial activity. The provision of services on it requires permission No. 56.

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What services are included in the list of EMI license?

Often this permission is equated to a banking permission, since you will have access to a wide range of actions with it, but only within the digital currency.

The Electronic Money Institution performs imitations for money swap transactions in their online or digital money version, allowing them to carry out prosecutions with the help of this. Crypto will be stored in the client’s digital wallet and can be converted into real money upon the client’s request.

The main list of services that you get access to is:

  • Issue of electronic currency;
  • Payoff favors cognate to electronic means;
  • Payoff that are not cognate to cryptocurrencies, but which are specified in the business’s statutory papers;
  • Lending;

Cryptocurrency exchange license in Czech Republic

The first step in registering a digital money business in the country is name verification and approval. At the next stage, it is obligatory to make ready a package of personal legal papers, including a certificate of good conduct. The next step is legalization. addresses in that country for a period of one year. At the final stages of registration, you will need to draw up a package of statutory papers of the business company.

The authorized capital of a business-company for achieving a crypto license in Czech Republic  could be even1 CZN. The founder assumes the obligation only in the amount of his contribution to the statutory fund and undertakes to fulfill the obligation to make a contribution in full within 3 months from the date of enrollment. The business must appoint a managing director.

Obtaining a crypto license in Czech Republic

In the country, there is no regulatory framework that would regulate virtual currency companies, however, the entire crypto business is subject to the European Union summary published on the website of the Czech National Bank in 2018, it is also worth noting that digital currencies are classified like a goods. In the country, there are incubator programs for digital projects, various associations, and in general there is a developed digital community

In the country, there are four types of permissions related to working with digital currencies:


Holders of this permission have the right to change the digital currency for a fee.


Owners of this permission have the right to change crypto money and cash and back for a fee.


Proprietors of this permission have the right to change all types of currencies for a fee.


Companies that holding of this permission have the right to ensure services for the creation and preservation of digital wallets and customer keys.

Is crypto regulated in the Czech Republic?

The Czech government is certainly closely monitoring the developing crypto market, but at the moment the Central Bank of the country does not officially recognize cryptocurrency as a monetary asset or financial instrument. So far, there are no clear laws regulating the pursuits of “crypto” in the country.

Do you need a license for crypto trading?

In the country, Virtual currency is not recognized as a financial instrument, and its sale, purchase or interchange for fiat money is not a financial service. E-currency is also not regarded an investment tool here, so a special license is not required for operations with it.

Is crypto taxed in the Czech Republic?

Virtual currency themselves are not reviewed finance, but the profit from them is income and is taken into account. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price, less the commission paid to the interchanger, is subject to a 15% tax.

How do I get a cryptocurrency license?

You can contact our specialists, they will help you and direct you where you need to go.

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