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ISO 20121: Sustainability Management

August 16, 2020

ISO 20121 is intended to guarantee a high level of events organizing via environmental factors controlling. Like most ISO standards, ISO 20121 is based on basic approaches and principles (PDCA continuous improvement cycle, system and procedures approaches, etc.), which provides a high level of alignment with most popular ISOs, in particular ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001.

The certificate attests to the efficient functioning of the system. It is issued by companies of all types and sizes that carry out activities to organize and conduct various events taking into account a variety of geographic, cultural and social characteristics. As a result of a well-organized event, enterprises can conclude lucrative deals and lucrative contracts with large customers. Since this ISO standard is universal, it is also suitable for other enterprises of any form of ownership and scale, working in the construction sector, in the field of IT technologies, investment and other industries.

New ISO 20121

ISO 20121:2012 is designed to provide a positive environmental impact for events ranging from local to mega events. Standard is intended for all participants in supply chain in this sector, including stand installers, catering organizers and logistics, etc.

ISO 20121:2012 was developed by ISO/PC 250 project committee “Stability in the field of event management”. Representatives of more than 30 countries and intermediary enterprises took part in negotiations.

Certification profits

  • Building effective, transparent rules for events organizing,
  • Improving interaction of organizers with main stakeholders,
  • Reducing cost of organizing and holding events by optimizing the use of resources, choosing the most profitable suppliers,
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions,
  • Creation of a positive image of event and its organizers.

What structures is ISO 20121 for?

Despite the fact that the implementation of SEMS is not a mandatory procedure, it helps the company to increase the loyalty of potential customers and receive a development and prosperity guarantee. The integration of such a management model into the work of the enterprise is carried out under the specified act, developed on the basis of ISO 20121. It requires organization to continually better its administration and work planning process, while allowing creative freedom to carry out event-related activities.

Thus, in order for the business to develop, management processes and work organization are constantly being improved, it is recommended to implement an event sustainability management system in the company.

To create, implement and improve a management system that complies with the principles of ISO 20121, it is necessary to determine the availability of means and methods of control, assess their effectiveness and identify their weaknesses. For this, the necessary documentation is drawn up, the principles stipulated by the standard are introduced, after which an independent assessment of the enterprise’s activities is carried out.

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