Drafting contracts

Qualitatively drawn up agreement will allow settling possible nuances of the transaction, minimize the risks of the parties and protect their rights as much as possible. A contract is a document in which everything, from commas to the construction of phrases, is legally binding, thereby leading to certain consequences for the parties.


Specialists of our company will help you in drawing up contracts for further use in their activities.

We are engaged in the development of contracts (permits) for a particular transaction with the maximum consideration of your interests, which as a result will allow you to achieve the planned result with minimal risk.

Specialists of our company will draw up agreements for you that regulate relations in the fields of:


Drafting contracts
  • agency relations;
  • agreements between non-residents of any complexity;
  • rental of premises, property, transport contracts;
  • donation contracts;
  • licensing contracts;
  • power of attorney for property management;
  • contracts in services;
  • loan contracts;
  • commission contracts;
  • commercial concession contracts;
  • barter contracts;
  • team work contracts;
  • transportation contracts;
  • contractual agreement;
  • commission agreement;
  • storage contracts;
  • unauthorized use contracts;
  • commercial and commodity credit contracts;
  • purchase and sale contracts;
  • pledge contracts;
  • supply contracts;
  • rental contracts;
  • insurance contracts;
  • bail contracts;
  • assignment of requirements;
  • debt  contracts;
  • copyright contracts;
  • labor contracts;
  • constituent documentation;
  • policies;
  • deposit agreements and more.

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