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EMI License in Lithuania

September 27, 2022

Modern business is connected with an EMI license which engages in e-money-related and payment services. The great decision for every entrepreneur will be obtaining an EMI license for sale in one of the Baltic countries such as Lithuania, which is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, a signatory to the Schengen Agreement, and a WTO member. If you are interested in an EMI license in Europe, our specialists can consult you.


The Bank of Lithuania oversees all banking services in Lithuania. It oversees all businesses, including lending entities, providers of remittance services, e-money institutions, investment companies, consumer credit providers, and insurers.

The Directive “2000/46/EC” provided the legal foundation for digital payments in Lithuania. It was an effort to bring the system for issuing digital money up to date to foster innovation.

According to research, there will soon be more people using electronic wallets. Some of this data is a result of Lithuania being the financial technology hotspot of the EU area, and this development of e-wallets has been greatly facilitated by Lithuania’s comprehensive legal structure, open for financial technologies, strong commercial and political climate.

EMI Licenses and Authorization

You must contact a Bank of Lithuania official before making your EMI licensing request. Attending the meeting ought to be executives from your firm. There’s going to be the first round of questions and responses from both parties, but the bank wants to know what types of monetary services you’ll be offering.

The monitoring division of the Bank of Lithuania will thereafter demand you fill out an application for the permit. The monitoring service should have evaluated and informed you if you supplied the required paperwork within the next 5 working days. If there are no formal problems, they will take your application into account.

If the monitoring division approves of all the supporting documents, the permit will then be issued; otherwise, they may reject the request and you won’t get the license.

What is the price?

  • A EMI license fee is 1,463 euros.
  • A small EMI license costs 1,235 euros.
  • A PI license costs 898 euros.

EMI license requirements

The EMI firm needs to have a chief executive officer and a council with at least three individuals, according to the stipulated organizational hierarchy.

Other important persons should all be named. Both a data security officer and an AML officer are required. You must demonstrate that these pertinent workers have the training and credentials needed to fill these roles.

Amount of Capital

The starting capital required for EMIs is €350.000. There must be a capital reserve for the Bank of Lithuania. The calculations of business determine the size of the buffer. Nevertheless, the smaller EMIs are exempt from the necessary minimal capital.

Partnership Contracts

Make certain that you have a clear idea of your technology issues, such as accountants, and that you have previously established the outsourcing contracts and any other deals with entities involved in the service supply before you apply the papers for the EMI licensing.

To get PI license or EMI license easily in Europe you need to have the next documents

  • Paperwork attesting to the applicant’s legitimacy;
  • A document attesting to a representative’s entitlement to representation;
  • A documentation attesting to the payment of the license’s stamp obligation;
  • The plan of work;
  • Company strategy;
  • Evidence in writing that the minimum share capital is not lower that the level allowed by law;
  • An explanation of the steps taken (or to be done) to protect customer finances
  • Explanation of administration system, critical-path methods, and bookkeeping;
  • A representation of the organizational arrangement;
  • The announcement of the intended acquisition;
  • Participants of the executive team and important role holders were surveyed;
  • The agreement for the Professional liability insurance, documentation proving other analogous liability assurances, and information and support for the computation of the insured sum;
  • Risk assessment survey regarding applicant’s operations.

If you are interested in e-money institutions you can find more propositions in the EMI licensing department on this site. Our EMI license agent can help you with the purchasing and registration process.

Please contact us to get more information.

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