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Vanuatu Forex Broker License

December 7, 2022

The direction of Forex is now quite progressive and rapidly developing. Many jurisdictions actively support the introduction of Forex trading, trying to be loyal to brokers and create a clear regulatory framework for regulating their activities. Vanuatu is one such offshore country. To obtain a license for the activities of a Forex company, it is necessary to collect a certain package of documents, observing the requirements of the country. VFSC – authority created to regulate – has formed favorable conditions for such companies, thanks to which you can get many benefits and privileges for doing business in this jurisdiction.

Our company is specialists in the establishment of commercial structures and licensing. We operate worldwide and cooperate with hundreds of jurisdictions. Our lawyers will accompany you every step of the way. We work with many areas, in particular, with crypto licenses in Portugal, gambling licenses in Malta, Forex licenses in Mauritius and many others. With us you may do it in an inexpensive way.

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Company in Vanuatu for sale

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To your attention Company in Vanuatu for sale.  The registered capital of the financial license is $ 50,000. The company opened for brokerage and is fully assembled for doing business. Company in Vanuatu for sale. What`s included:  financial license with a registered capital of $ 50,000 a site with a connected and configured backoffice compiled…

Forex broker in Vanuatu for sale

Oceania, Vanuatu Forex brokers
Company registered in 2018 Licensed by VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) Authorizations of the company’s license: ● Interbank foreign exchange market (Forex) ● American Stock Market (CFD) ● Stock Indices (CFD) ● Precious metal futures contracts (CFD) Company’s description: ✔️ Operating and highly profitable business ✔️ Extensive client base (30’000+ clients) ✔️ Own MT5/ Dealing…

Vanuatu Forex license requirements

To apply for a license, you must first officially register the company. This is followed by the process of collecting the document and sending them to the regulator. In addition, a list of general requirements can be formulated and presented as follows.

  1. The company must have a physical presence in Vanuatu.
  2. Must have a verified source of income.
  3. Mandatory compliance with all AML regulations and policies.
  4. The regulator should be notified of any change of ownership or transfer of shares if the stake exceeds 15%.
  5. A deposit of $50,000 must be paid.
  6. It is important to draw up a firm’s work policy and risk management.
  7. At least one director must have seniority and relevant experience in the financial sector.
  8. The business plan is submitted along with the application.
  9. There is a fee for registering a company.

In addition, you need to prepare an appropriate package of documents, which differs depending on the type of company. The total number of documents included in it are as follows:

  • copies of passports of the founders of the company, directors and beneficiaries;
  • certificates of no criminal record and bankruptcy;
  • recommendations from banks;
  • address confirmation;
  • diplomas and other documents that are proof of experience and qualifications;
  • financial plan.

All documents must be notarized and translated into the language required by the regulator.

vanuatu forex license

Types of forex licenses in Vanuatu

Previously, there were only two licenses in the territory of this jurisdiction – the principal and the representative. But in 2021, a new law was released, which outlined four types of work permits for offshore Forex companies.

  1. Category A – work with deliverable and debt instruments in the currency of other countries.
  2. B – work with corporate shares, precious metals or commodities.
  3. C – work with futures and derivative product list.
  4. Category D – work with cryptographic currencies.

In order to license an enterprise under type D, you must first obtain permissions A, B and C. The main requirement for doing business is to have at least one employee of the enterprise in the country. Fully remote work without presence is allowed only for small brokers who are allowed to hire a manager with a license who is a resident of Vanuatu.

The authorities of the state have improved their tracking and control systems, and also made some amendments to the legislation in order to meet world standards. A firm that is licensed in Vanuatu must strictly comply with all criteria and meet the rules and laws of the financial industry. In such a way you may prove to be an official security dealer. If the requirements are not met, the company is subject to penalties.

Benefits of forex licenses in Vanuatu

Obtaining an official Vanuatu Forex license, a firm can carry out the following activities:

  • cooperate with clients from any corner of the world;
  • quiet inexpensive licensing procedure;
  • perform banking operations and provide brokerage services;
  • to give various advertisements for their product list.

This will enable companies to trade stocks and bonds, and participate in options without restrictions.

The procedure for obtaining a forex license in Vanuatu

Decision to obtain a forex license in this country will enable you to buy/sell shares, accept deposits, give loans, work with precious metals, etc. You’ll become an officially-approved security dealer. 

  1. To apply for a business permit, you must first register a company in the jurisdiction, this process takes up to 5 days. The company must have at least 1 director and shareholder, one secretary and at least two AML officers. A shareholder can be both an individual and a company of any citizenship, and directors can only be individuals. To register, you need to create a company name and check it for identity, collect all the required documents, open an account in a convenient banking institution and have a start-up capital that meets the criteria.
  2. Submission of documents for licensing.
  3. After all documents are collected, it will also be necessary to pass an interview with a representative of the regulator, who will ask questions about future activities and will test your intentions.

The entire licensing process can be entrusted to an authorized representative of our company, who has experience in such matters and will quickly resolve all issues with regulatory authorities. We are ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance in establishing a company and licensing a commercial structure in hundreds of jurisdictions, in particular, obtaining a Forex license in Estonia, Mauritius, Cyprus and other countries.

What is included in our service list

Our company is engaged in the provision of professional services for the registration and licensing of companies in Vanuatu and other jurisdictions, which will significantly save your time and nerves. In addition to setting up a new company, we also offer ready-made companies and licenses for sale.

Our experts will guide you through every step of your commercial journey until you achieve successful results. We will assist in the creation of a business plan and in the correct collection and completion of all required forms. We employ qualified auditors, accountants, lawyers and consultants who know their business perfectly and perform the assigned tasks in a short time and without errors.

Taxation of forex companies in Vanuatu

In general, the tax system of this country is quite loyal to licensed brokers. When registering a company, it is necessary to pay VAT, which is 12.5%. The remaining fees depend on the type of firm and type of license, while there is no double taxation, no wealth fees, no capital gains fees, etc.

How much does a forex license cost in Vanuatu?

The Vanuatu Forex license cost may vary depending on the type of permit, the size of the company, and the service list you intend to provide. Our experts will help you calculate Vanuatu Forex license cost most accurately and will do everything possible so that you can license your activity as profitably and quickly as possible.

Our advantages

Turning to professionals, you can not worry that you made a mistake when filling out a particular form, sent an incomplete set of documents, or did not properly negotiate with the regulator. All these problems our experts will take on their shoulders. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of your quick and legal management of your brokerage company in the near future.

  1. Experienced professionals who know their job well and are committed to it.
  2. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world.
  3. The highest professional qualification of each lawyer.
  4. Honesty and transparency in cooperation with clients.
  5. Focus on providing the most effective and fast results.
  6. The desire to keep up with modern technological and software solutions.

Our company is your reliable ally in the development of your business project. Contact us and you will be able to personally verify our professionalism.

Do Forex traders need a license in Vanuatu?

A Vanuatu Forex license allows entrepreneurs to act as an official participant in the Forex market. This permit is also a document giving the right to offer various Forex services to clients. The list of such services varies depending on the type of license. Traders who do not have this official permission cannot carry out certain transactions and operations on the Forex market, and receive penalties in some cases.

How is Forex regulated in Vanuatu?

The regulator that controls the Forex market in this jurisdiction is the VFSC. The regulatory body is attentive to the slightest operations carried out on the Forex market and strictly controls the activities of Forex brokers. In addition, VFSC issues appropriate licenses. Applicants must demonstrate full compliance with the established parameters and criteria to the regulatory body before the Vanuatu Forex license will be approved.

Is Forex trading legal in Vanuatu?

In order to be able to legally participate in the Forex market in Vanuatu, you need to obtain a license. The Vanuatu Forex license gives its owner the right to offer their services legally and without restrictions. The issuance of a license will only be approved by the local regulator if the applicant meets the established requirements.

How much does a Vanuatu Forex license cost?

The total Vanuatu Forex license cost is calculated individually in each case. Our lawyers will make the correct calculation for you, taking into account your budget and business needs. Contact us now.

vanuatu forex license

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