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Virtual playgrounds through which you can take part in lotteries, place bets or bet, are today one of the most profitable business models. The implementation of projects of such a plan requires a careful selection of jurisdiction when obtaining a license.

We can advise our customers with the permission of the Curacao Gaming License. Curacao has organized jurisdiction, the licensing process in which is more adapted to opening a business by foreigners.

However, it is worth noting the very loyal requirements for the authorized capital and the period for issuing a permit (on average 3 months). For this reason, more than half of modern online gaming platforms licensed by Curacao.

Such a license is especially popular among banking institutions and payment systems: it can used to open a bank account and activate merchant accounts for your organization.

Our experienced team of qualified lawyers will facilitate the operational licensing of any of your projects. Given all the subtleties of the process of legalizing the gaming business, we can satisfy any request of our customers, based on its individual preferences.

Our competence includes full support of the Curacao Gaming License registration procedure, which includes opening a bank account, establishing a payment acceptance system, maintaining reports, drawing up a number of agreements for the site and other legal nuances.

Regardless of the size and structure of your business plan, we will help bring it to life.


Choosing the right legal tactics for placing online bets, as well as legal grounds for opening an online casino or online lottery business.

First of all, it is necessary to calculate the potential costs, which include the cost of obtaining a permit, maintenance, distribution of the tax burden and additional services.

For the legitimate activities of a virtual gaming organization, official registration will be required in accordance with the standards of at least one jurisdiction. The most comfortable conditions for this are in states located in the Caribbean or within the European Union.

We recommend our customers the gambling license of Curacao, which covers the operation of casinos, poker clubs, sports betting and lotteries in almost any country in the world. This option is relevant due to loyal legal regulation, internal competencies, the terms for issuing permits and a minimum financial asset.

Our team has considerable experience in the field of gambling, so we are ready to take responsibility for ensuring the prompt and high-quality implementation of any gambling projects of our clients.


If your plans are to fulfill your dream of opening a virtual casino or online gaming platform, then it’s time to think about applying for the necessary permission.

To minimize licensing costs, we recommend moving away from the traditional practice of opening a gambling business in the UK, the Isle of Man or Malta. Today there is a more practical, budget and simplified option – the Curacao Gaming License.

The right to the full functioning of an online casino, lottery business or e-sports is realize through a request for one official permit.

In other words, regardless of the structure and purpose of your project (working in one direction or covering several functional areas), you need to prepare only one application and go through a single procedure for obtaining a license.

If we compare the complexity of design in other jurisdictions, then this solution will be optimal for companies planning to expand their range of services and game functionality in the process of their promotion.

We are a team of qualified specialists, ready to provide any assistance in the legalization of the gaming business in Curacao. We guarantee support for your startup at any stage of its development: from creating a business model to obtaining a license and official launch of the program.


Planning the start of a project for an online gaming platform with the functionality of a poker game, a lottery or a bet in a casino begins with the search for a suitable jurisdiction, with which you can quickly and easily get a work permit.

In many promising countries, there is a practice of registering a gambling license based on total control by the registering side of your company’s activities. In addition, there are a number of complex operations involving the fulfillment of all requirements.

To avoid costly and lengthy clearance procedures, we recommend the Curacao Gaming License. Curacao’s license is list among gaming providers around the world. In addition, there are loyal taxation conditions and there is no limitation on the withdrawal of funds.

When registering, the personal presence of the company owner is not necessary, so you can safely entrust your business with us.

We offer our clients a full range of services, including a business project plan, budgeting, opening current accounts, concluding an agreement for the full functioning of the web platform and other legal details.

The specialists of our company are ready to take on the solution of issues of licensing, and we will offer a constructive solution to your ideas.