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When deciding to start a business that is related to gaming, it is important to know that in order to work legally, you need to open gaming license. Without it, it is almost impossible to get the right to attract gamers from large developed and solvent countries, for example, America or Europe.

Not every casino owner knows how to properly collect all the documents and communicate with the regulator. It is also important to clearly define the goals of the work and choose the right jurisdiction. Our specialized company will help with this.

How and where to get gaming license to work at casino?

To bring their gaming firm to official status, businesspersons first should decide on the place of business. We will select the most loyal and favorable conditions for getting online gambling license and take care of all organizational issues, including helping to open an account in the payment system. The list of our offers consists of the most popular countries where you may license online casino as quickly as possible and without increased requirements. Thanks to this, in a short time you’ll be able to launch gamble commercials and operate legally.

What is the purpose of a casino gaming license?

Gamble license allows you to make employment legal and confirm compliance with world laws. In addition, licensed companies get a better reputation and trust from customers. Any gaming establishment must have supporting documents in order to pay taxes correctly, pass all inspections from local authorities and conduct its business transparently.

Types of gambling licenses

Now, there’re several following types of regular and online casino licenses.

  1. Indoor casinos.
  2. iGaming license – online casinos.
  3. Betting license.
  4. Slot machine license.
  5. Internet poker license.
  6. Roulette license.
  7. Betting shop license.
  8. License for a single slot machine.
  9. General gambling license.
  10. License for hippodrome betting.
  11. Investment license.

Before opening any establishment, whether it’s online or physical, it is necessary to decide which permission is right for your purposes.

There’s also another classification of gamble permissions in terms of general revenue.

  1. Class-A license: $20,000+ income. How much is A casino license? It depends on individual conditions and requirements set by chosen jurisdiction.
  2. Class B gaming license: <$20,000 income.
  3. C-category: permission for complex series of gamble events organized in frame of one fair.
  4. Class D: <$5000 income.

Getting a gaming license: rules and requirements

Requirements that regulators impose on gamble companies are very similar to those imposed on banking institutions:

  • owners and team of employees must have experience in the field of finance to guarantee the stability of the company;
  • persons who have ever been involved in illegal activities related to casino will be refused by the regulator, the application will not be considered;
  • often regulators screen applicants for clean standing;
  • some jurisdictions require information about the firm’s financial structure, employees, and partners.

The rules that holders of online gambling licence and permissions real gaming establishments must comply with are created by an authorized commission for more convenient control over the operation of the casino. A special document prescribes the rules of conduct and obligations of all persons associated with a company wishing to obtain a permit, including shareholders, employees and owners.

To get gaming license: countries for obtaining a gaming license

You need to create an enterprise and to pass licensing gaming for full-fledged and legal work extracting reliable gamers, since the presence of a permit greatly expands the possibilities of a gaming establishment.

In addition, a casino license often comes with various bonuses, such as tax incentives or business rules. But in some jurisdictions, and vice versa – licensed enterprises must comply with more stringent obligations.

The most popular states for opening a gamble establishment online or physically are the following:

  • Alderney;
  • Antigua and Barbuda;
  • UK;
  • Belgium;
  • Gibraltar;
  • Denmark;
  • Kahnawake;
  • Curacao;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Isle Of Man
  • Cyprus;
  • Malta;
  • Romania;
  • Belize;
  • Philippines;
  • Panama.

Naturally, organizations can be certified in other states, which are increasingly in demand, for example, Estonia.

Gambling licensing

Regulation of the gambling industry in many jurisdictions is rather ambiguous. Accordingly, in some countries, gambling is subject to minimal regulation, or not at all.

Certain jurisdictions do not allow any casino to operate locally without the option to open gaming licence. However, foreign companies can provide their services to the public. Such countries include, in particular, Greece, Norway, Sweden, etc.

Some countries – Denmark, France, the Netherlands, etc. – provide an official opportunity for gambling companies to license gaming structures and work with a local permit. The same jurisdictions, such as, in particular, Mexico, Nigeria, Brazil, etc., prohibit the work of local gambling operators, but allow foreign companies to enter the market, even if they do not have a license to work in casino.

In some other countries, online or physical gambling structures are not prohibited and do not require any licenses for their activities. Such spaces include, for example, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

How much is a gambling license: choosing a jurisdiction

To choose where to start your legal activity, you must first study rules for gaming sphere in this state and see if you can comply with them. Moreover, you need to find out another answer: how much does a gambling license cost?

  1. Antigua and Barbuda: to get gaming license, you must submit documents in accordance with the laws and pay an application fee. It offers reduced tax rates on net income.
  2. Curacao is one of the most reliable jurisdictions for gamble establishments. There is a single application form for obtaining licenses for casinos, lotteries, slot machines and other types.
  3. Malta is a very reliable first-class space, but registration procedure here is quite complicated. You need to pay a lot of fees, which depend on the direction of the institution.
  4. Alderney: the license of this island makes it possible to work all over the world. To apply, a company must have a Certificate of software provider.

These are just a few jurisdictions of another class where you can license gaming establishments. To better understand the possibilities and choose the appropriate option, please contact the specialists of our company. We will help you find the most favorable conditions for your business.

Gambling license cost

Cost of gaming license depends on many factors, including the country where the document is issued, the number of fees, the type of license, online or physical field of operation, etc. Thus, how much does a casino license cost? The amount to be paid is calculated individually immediately before signing the contract.

What is included in the list of services

Our professional team offers to buy a gamers license abroad on favorable terms and in accordance with international requirements. We will take responsibility for every step of the licensing process:

  • we will carry out checks;
  • we will help to collect the necessary documents;
  • we will solve all organizational and legal issues;
  • we will open a merchant account for corporate payments, etc.

Together with us, you can save not only finances, but also personal time, avoiding a long wait and avoiding mistakes in the preparation of all documents for regulatory authorities for getting gaming licence online or physically.

Is it hard to set up a casino?

The complexity of the procedure for getting gamble license depends on the conditions of the chosen jurisdiction and the scale of the business that the entrepreneur is counting on. In addition, the range of services offered and the coverage of the target audience are taken into account. Having resorted to the help of our specialists, you will be able to go through the entire procedure quickly and without additional problems, because we are true professionals in our field.

What country has the cheapest gambling license?

The cost of getting casino license is calculated individually in each case and depends on many specific factors. Some of the most cost effective jurisdictions are Malta and Cyprus. Our lawyers will help you optimize your budget and get the maximum benefit.

What country is the easiest to get a gambling license?

The most loyal jurisdiction for licensing gaming structures is Malta, which attracts more and more entrepreneurs from all over the world. With our help, this procedure will be quick and efficient for you, in addition, you can significantly save your own money and effort.

How do I get an online gambling license in USA?

For getting a gaming license, you need to establish a company in the jurisdiction, choose the most suitable state, and bring the business in line with local requirements. Our company will fully help you and become your reliable ally on this path.

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