Company registration in Bangladesh

For foreign investors, Bangladesh is one of the most attractive jurisdictions because of the following:

  • the country is gradually minimizing the number of bureaucratic procedures associated with the process of registering companies;
  • Bangladesh signed agreements with China on duty-free import of products;
  • free trade zones were introduced.

Due to the above factors, investors who want to freely cooperate with the Asian, first of all, the Chinese, market seek to create a company in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is offshore, which makes it possible for any entrepreneur, regardless of residency, to register a business there at minimal cost.

Company registration procedure in Bangladesh

The most convenient and frequently used organizational form for firms in Bangladeshi jurisdiction is LLC. The participants of such a company are not personally liable for the obligations of the legal entity as a whole.

Registration will require the following documents:

  • the name of the organization approved and approved by the relevant authorities;
  • constituent protocol (memorandum);
  • Statute;
  • information about directors and shareholders along with copies of their passport data.

The process of establishing a Bangladeshi company consists of the following stages.

  1. First of all, you need to choose a name. It is prohibited to repeat the names already in use.
  2. An LLC can be established by both an individual and a legal entity. A minimum of 2 participants is required (maximum 50). 2 directors are compulsorily elected from the shareholders, they can also be non-residents.
  3. After the shareholders and the governing body of the company are formed, a Memorandum of Association and Statute must be drawn up. It is better to delegate this procedure to an experienced lawyer.
  4. At the next stage, the capital of the LLC is formed, its size is prescribed in the above documents. There are no limits on the size of the registered capital.
  5. The final stage is choosing an address and creating an account. Commercial or residential premises can be used as an office.
  6. Further, the initial amount of capital is deposited into the company’s account, then all the prepared documentation is transferred to state representatives. In addition, you need to pay the appropriate fees – stamp and registration fees, as well as fill out a certain kind of form in electronic form.

You do not need to be personally present during the registration procedure, which is very convenient for foreigners. You do not need to apply for any special visa to visit Bangladesh.

It is allowed to repatriate profits and investments as it is an offshore zone. In addition, Bangladesh has a tax rebate regime and tax holidays for a period of 5 to 7 years.

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