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UK gambling license

January 27, 2020

Operators in Britain, whose purpose is to provide users with gambling services, must obtain a gambling license in the UK – permission to conduct such a business.

It is issued by the British Commission, which controls the sphere of gambling. The organization issues warnings to unlicensed operators who give access to games to UK citizens, as it is an offense by law.

To legalize the status, an application is submitted to the commission for consideration. An officially certified consent may apply not only to one game, but also to a complex of casinos, bets, lotteries.

If fewer than three people are involved in the gambling business, then they pass the Annex A form and enjoy the benefits of a small business team. Although most often they are not licensed by the commission as small-scale. A separate license is required for spending over EUR50 thousand per year for software development.

Issuance process and cost

Payment for the service for granting an activity permit is carried out immediately after the application is filed. Further, every year within a month after the issuance of the license, another fee is paid. Primarily, the commission examines people who take part in business for a criminal record.

Applicant operators must provide a well-developed business plan, which will indicate the estimated turnover of money and ways of financing the operator. Everything is required in order for the commission to make sure that the applicant does not go broke and the users’ finances are not at risk. Also, the plan should indicate where the equipment will be located.

The license is issued on average after 4-8 weeks from the filing of the application. Although the preparation of a competent application itself also takes a lot of time. After receiving the application, the organization undertakes to follow all the conditions and warn about any facts that relate to changes in the composition of the company and information about the owners.

Safety checks are carried out annually.

Eternity Law International will provide the necessary legal support. The company has been working in the gambling market for a long time and has vast experience in this area. Free consultation of professionals, general recommendations for doing business, sale of gambling licenses are services that the company’s employees provide without problems.

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