Dubai financial market

Dubai financial market is one of the most relevant choices for entrepreneurs today. The listing process produces a team that has a constant relationship with investors.

After the very beginning of the placement of the corporation’s assets for sale, it must present itself for the formation of international relations.

Representation in the Dubai market, in the UK, USA, participation in negotiations with representatives of the Middle East, Africa, as well as depositing banks are effective manipulations for the development of the company.


The process of placing assets for sale contributes to greater interaction with future investors.

Preliminary meetings not only help to find key investors, but also get a constant connection with the market, demand and ways to resolve potential shortcomings before a public offering.


Legal sector assessment is carried out prior to initial placement. All legal requirements must be met before conversion. The legal structure must resolve any issues of a legal nature.

The issuer’s capital is directly dependent on share price offers. Price should be carefully considered and analyzed.


The corporation will get a positive effect from the listing while ensuring successful relations with regulatory managing organizations:

  • Securities and Commodities Authority;
  • Departments of Economics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Pricing at the initial public offering in the UAE is carried out in two ways.

The first is the fixed cost of offers. Coordination with the Securities Authority helps to formulate its offer value. It is described in the corresponding document.

The transaction has a fixed price, investors have only a single cost for filing applications. The price is formed in a special document.

The proposed document fixes all the factors affecting the quantity and quality of the factors that form the value.

The price is usually nominal or slightly higher if the business area has this. Subscription of investors is carried out at a pre-calculated price.

The fixed cost is calculated based on the market price at a discount. Investors have no competition in the price for distribution of stocks.

The second way to raise stock prices is to collect applications from potential investors. In this case, the final value of the securities is formed by conducting statistics on demand from potential investors.


Company management structures for evaluation:

  • control;
  • making decisions;
  • members of the board of directors, committees;
  • compliance with the requirements of resource management and international practice.

The level and capabilities of the board of directors, committees is important for the success of the organization’s proposals.

Following the rules and norms of the initial public offering, there is a need to select candidates for the board and independent performers.

The appointment of a successful management team for the initial public offering and organization will ensure success after listing. A decision on appointment must be made prior to placement.

This means that the main founders must be present at every stage of the development of the company during the entire period of preparation for a public offering.

It is advisable for management positions to provide stock options. This program usually provokes extremely positive ratings from investors.

This step also strengthens loyalty and retains valuable employees.


The financial market in Dubai is an advanced technology for companies and transparent conditions. The Finn market has created stringent requirements and monitors trade for quality control.


The Dubai financial market dictates carefully designed rules to balance the interests of investors and company owners. A special department monitors the implementation of the latest requirements.

For this, companies are regularly informed of the latest changes. Communication with companies is maintained at a professional level through contacts with the managers of issuers.


The financial market in Dubai is subordinate to the Securities and Commodities Authority. They are responsible for control and capital, as well as investments from investors.

Management carefully monitors world practice and emerging innovations. Constant dialogues with market representatives and exchanges provide a sound regulatory framework.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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