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Advocate in criminal proceedings

January 24, 2020

Criminal procedure (production) is an activity regulated by the norms of criminal procedure legislation. It is aimed at investigating and resolving criminal cases, punishing the perpetrators and protecting the rights and interests of victims.

The criminal procedural legislation of Ukraine establishes the procedure for criminal proceedings and consists of:

  • relevant acts of the Constitution of Ukraine;
  • the criminal procedure code of Ukraine;
  • certain international acts approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • other laws.

Criminal proceedings have several stages, which are independent and, at the same time, are closely related to the rest of the stages. These connections form a separate integral system.

This includes a preliminary investigation (this is a collection, a detailed study, verification of evidence, making a law enforcement act as a result), a trial in the court of first instance (this is preparation, a judicial investigation, the announcement of a sentence by the court).

As well as litigation for reviewing decisions made (re-examination of evidence, sentence), execution of court decisions.

Those persons who take part in criminal proceedings and have certain procedural rights and obligations are its direct participants.

The category of participants includes such persons as:

  • investigator;
  • a prosecutor;
  • the victim, his representative, legal representative in certain cases;
  • the suspect, his lawyer, legal representative in certain cases;
  • the accused, his defense lawyer, legal representative in individual cases;
  • the plaintiff with a representative;
  • defendant with a representative;
  • witness;

According to the laws of Ukraine, each person has the full right to protect their own rights, as well as freedoms from illegal actions, such as threats, persecution, etc. Only an advocate is entitled to act as a defense in accordance with the norms of the criminal procedure legislation of Ukraine.

Eternity Law International advocates guarantee high-quality and reliable protection of you, your rights, interests during the entire criminal process.

What advantages do you get when choosing a lawyer in criminal proceedings from Eternity Law International?

  1. Experience and knowledge – each specialist of Eternity Law International has work experience, the necessary knowledge base, is able to provide you with assistance in the criminal process.
  2. Full client protection – the client is safe throughout the entire criminal proceeding.
  3. Efficiency of the work of advocates – thanks to the legislation of Ukraine, an advocate has access to various legal tools to maximize the achievement of goals.
  4. Comprehensive assistance – our team includes advocates of various fields and specialties, which is a big plus in solving all kinds of criminal cases.
  5. Absolute confidentiality – we ensure the complete safety of your data, questions and the fact of contacting our company. It is important for us that the client feels protected.
  6. Constant support – our specialists are always in touch and ready to answer your questions 24/7.

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