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ISO 27001: Information Security

September 6, 2020

ISO 27001 allows you to establish risk evaluation mechanisms, draw up reports and treatment plans. Over time, the nature of threats in the system can change. As a result of controls carried out using ISO 27001, risks can be reduced or severity can be reduced. Therefore, the activity of monitoring the risks of enterprises is significant. Enterprises are obliged conducting risk evaluation studies in accordance with the adopted methodology within the period set by them.

ISO 27001 Realization

By implementing ISO 27001, it is easy achieving global recognition and get what any business requests – a high profile of the company, as well as guarantee the transparency of the business before the law and simplify the integration needed today with another standards.

If you are interested in the standard, but you are not yet ready to make a decision about its need for your business, let’s discuss what you need to know about ISO 27001 in order to start realization in a reasonable way.

  1. Determine the purpose of ISMS execution and tasks that this system can solve.
  2. Provide that for full ISMS realization and functioning of in activities of a particular company, it may be mandatory to involve employees involved in major profitable projects and additional investments in security. The need and volume of labor and financial investments can be found out in advance by carrying out preliminary audit.
  3. Know how realization process is going in order to understand the essence.

Main ISO 27001 contributors

Main participants in the system are business units involved in the execution of a business process or processes that fall in frame of scope. Even if you think your data is not of interest to cybercriminals, because you do not store, for example, customer payment card data, this does not mean that your systems do not need protection. ISO 27001 describes how the elements of an organization can be linked together and the elements and means of protection can be combined into a single system.

During certification, auditors checked documents, met with employees of different departments, analyzing not only the technical side of data protection, but also the organizational one – the process of hiring, firing and training. They also watched the work process: they checked whether workers were blocking the monitor screen when leaving the workplace, what programs they used and how, and most importantly, where they stored data (not on flash drives – it was proven). Auditors paid special attention to the work of the IT department.

By meeting ISO 27001 demands, you will demonstrate to existing and potential customers, suppliers and shareholders your data integrity and systems and your responsible attitude to information security issues. Adhering to this standard can open up new business opportunities for you with security-focused customers, as well as increase employee ethics and strengthen confidentiality principles throughout the company. In addition, it can help improve information security and reduce fraud risk or disclosure of information.

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