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Banks for sale in Switzerland

February 6, 2024

This country possesses a three-tier banking system. First level is National Bank and its head offices, agencies, cantonal banking establishments and regulatory authorities. The National Bank provides a structured monetary policy and, together with supervisory authorities, controls the entire financial industry. Thanks to the reliability and smooth operation of this type of system, jurisdiction is considered one of the best financial jurisdictions in the world. Many entrepreneurs who want to engage in banking choose this country.

Our company offers an extensive range of banks for sale in Switzerland and other global jurisdictions. We will provide you with full professional support and advice at all stages until the successful conclusion of the deal and transfer of the business-structure.

Swiss banking sector

Let’s get a short Swiss banking market analysis. Unlike the Central Bank of other countries, the Swiss one is considered a private joint-stock company, and its shareholders are cantons, private entrepreneurs and other banking establishments. However, country’s National Bank does not fully regulate the sector in terms of monitoring its activity; Federal Banking Commission does this.

Cantonal banking establishments are state-owned companies established and are controlled by the governmental bodies of Swiss cantons. These are the strongest banks in the world, which were created to develop the country’s economy through inexpensive loans to the population. Such banks operate in all industries, but are most recognized in wealth management industries.

Second level of banking in this jurisdiction is work of private organizations that provide investment, private banking and asset management services. Financial enterprises also play an important role in the Swiss financial industry. Often, such firms provide deposits and other services.

At the third level of system there are insurance banks and loan offices that carry out currency and interest arbitrage operations.

Swiss bank for sale: advantages of investing in Swiss banks

Thus, let’s consider the privileges of investing in Swiss banks. The largest banking establishments for dollar millionaires operate in this jurisdiction. Banking secrecy there has been at the highest level for many years. Here, numbers on client balances and nameless accounts have long been hidden. There are secret bunkers in which precious metals are stored, which is the hallmark of the country.

This secrecy towards clients, coupled with the contrasting complete openness of banking establishments themselves, is attracting more and more capital-holders from all over the world. Swiss banks receive approximately 25% of their pre-tax income in local currency. The rest comes in dollar terms from investment branches that operate in various jurisdictions.

Our firm’s experienced lawyers will conduct a thorough analysis of all data from banks for sale in Switzerland meeting your requirements and advise on the best option. We will provide you with full professional consultancy regarding any issues related to the banking sector in any jurisdiction around the world. Purchasing a banking establishment there is a very profitable decision that will provide you with a stabilized income for the rest of your life. So, let’s consider the main advantages and benefits of this particular jurisdiction.

  1. A banking institution is a wonderful investment that guarantees income for many years. This is a company with good liquidity, independent of the economic and political situation in the world. If you decide to buy a ready-made bank in Switzerland, you will ensure yourself a stable income in a jurisdiction with the best prospects.
  2. Opportunity to buy a bank in Switzerland gives you the opportunity to start working immediately, without the need to obtain numerous permits and licensing. A ready-made bank already has all the necessary licenses. Naturally, the process of re-registration of such a company is quite labor-intensive, but our experts are well aware of all stages of the procedure and will be able to resolve all issues in the shortest possible time.
  3. Firstly, you will be able to offer customers not only existing services, but also expand the range of goods and services to interest more legal entities and capital-holders in cooperation with your organization. By purchasing a bank with ready-made new products and promising ideas and developments, you can make great money, without wasting time on constant proof of ownership and thinking through these ideas. You will be able to make a profit immediately after re-registering your business.
  4. It is also a very effective yet economical solution. When getting a Swiss bank for sale, you will receive all the offices that were owned by the previous owners, qualified personnel, trademarks and, most importantly, a database with customer data. All these resources belong to the company, which means they are transferred to you when the case is transferred.
  5. Thanks to the existing reputation of the banking establishment, you will not have to waste time on creating a personal fair image. All horizons and opportunities will be open to you from the very beginning.

The opportunity to acquire a Swiss bank provides many advantages, so it is much more profitable to purchase a company rather than spend many years trying to build a new company from scratch.

Bank acquisition procedure

The times when it was possible to create a banking establishment without multiple problems with licenses and other documentation are long over. Nowadays, opening a new enterprise in the banking industry is a very labor-intensive and complex process, which also requires a lot of money. But a variant to buy a bank in Switzerland is a fairly quick procedure, and costs less than opening a new bank. At the same time, you will be freed from problems with the initial creation of a reputation, because the banks for sale already have a name.

It is important to send an official request to view information about a banking establishment, because at the legislative level it is prohibited to provide any data anonymously. The buyer must also confirm the origin of his capital. It’s required to comply with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering laws.

In addition, with the acquisition of a banking institution, you can receive additional benefits:

  • this is a legal business that already has a financial license. There is no need to spend a long time in queues and worry whether the supervisor will approve your application for licensing;
  • an active management system that most likely does not even need changes;
  • experienced workers: management team, lawyers, accountants, economists and other employees can remain working in the company after its sale;
  • the bank already has ready-made accounts for corporate transactions;
  • you’ll also receive a ready-made database of the company’s clients, which is undoubtedly the main advantage of purchasing a bank.

It is also important to take into account that selecting a profitable bank is also not an easy process; not all institutions generate income. Sometimes banks are put up for sale by unscrupulous sellers to avoid filing for bankruptcy. It is recommended not to search for a company for sale on your own, so as not to run into a similar situation. It is better to immediately take the help of professional experts who will be able to conduct a qualitative analysis and find a truly worthwhile banking institution that will suit your requirements.

There are 2 types of commercial banks in Switzerland: specialized and universal. The former can work in a chosen area, including savings, investments and mortgage loans. Universal banks may offer all the services mentioned above together.

  1. Banking institutions can be a joint stock company or LLC. In the second case, either a legal entity or an individual can create a company. But the company has the right to have no more than 50 people.
  2. A joint stock company can be public or non-public. Such a company shares capital among shareholders. And shareholder rights increase depending on the percentage of shares owned.

Swiss private banks for sale are owned by individual capital-holders.

Which bank is better to buy in Switzerland?

Opening a bank from the very beginning is the most risky business. In any market segment, strong competition immediately appears with famous banks that are already operating and have their own clients. It is quite difficult for a new institution to deal with such banks, so bankruptcy often occurs. The option to acquire a Swiss bank that already has a name and reputation means much less risk and guaranteed profit.

When deciding on the company you want to purchase, it is also important to think about the purpose for which the bank will be used. If you set all your priorities and follow the plan, you can achieve great results in a short time. At the same time, do not forget that all operations must be legal, it is important to have permission for every action.

The cost of buying an investment bank in Switzerland differs in each case, it all depends on the size of the company, profitability, reputation, etc. Our employees will calculate all the risks individually and help you choose the most profitable option for you.

Why choose Eternity Law for cooperation when purchasing a bank

Our company has been working in the field of finance and banking for many years, so it can rightfully call itself the best in the business. Our clients return again and again to open new banks and branches in different jurisdictions. The task of all company employees is to find an individual suitable solution for each client.

  1. Enormous work experience.
  2. Lots of reviews about the fruitful work.
  3. Corporate services: opening bank accounts, recruiting personnel, searching for office space for rent.
  4. Focus on the best results with minimal investment.
  5. Quality assurance.
  6. Free consultation.
  7. Full support at all stages.

Contact us today to find the best deals on the market and begin fruitful cooperation on pleasant terms. The company’s experts will conduct a thorough check of all the nuances in the bank that you want to purchase and can correctly fill out and reissue all documents. We also undertake communication with regulatory authorities.

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