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SPI license in Luxembourg

March 5, 2024

Luxembourg, a small European country renowned for its financial strength and stable economy, offers a favorable environment for businesses, including fintech companies. One of the key aspects that makes Luxembourg an attractive destination is the availability of electronic money institution licenses and payment institution licenses. In this article, we will look at the requirements, benefits, procedures, taxation, costs and services provided for obtaining SPI licenses in Luxembourg.

Our company offers highly qualified assistance in establishing, launching and licensing businesses. We know everything about SPI licenses and are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice. Our company also possesses such a variant as SPI license in Luxembourg for sale.

To get SPI license in Luxembourg: norms and rules

Before you can start setting up a company in Luxembourg, you must meet certain requirements. Regulatory authorities in Luxembourg, under the supervision of the Commission de Surveillance de Sector Financier (CSSF), impose special conditions for applicants for an SPI license. These typically include financial strength, sound internal governance mechanisms and qualified management personnel.

Benefits of Luxembourg small payment institution license

Luxembourg offers many benefits to SPI license holders, making it an attractive location for fintech companies. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of the option to obtain SPI license in Luxembourg.

  1. EU access: The country is a member of the European Union, which allows SPI license holders to conduct business without the need to get additional licenses in EU member countries.
  2. Financial center: Luxembourg is known as a financial center with a strong reputation for stability and security, which attracts global investors and companies.
  3. Global connections: Thanks to its strategic location in the center of Europe, the state serves as a bridge between European financial markets and the rest of the world, facilitating international financial transactions, payments and trade.
  4. Stable economy: Luxembourg prides itself on a stable economic environment and strict adherence to international financial standards, which instills confidence in investors and companies.

Thus, the option of ready-made Luxembourg SPI license company is a fairly profitable option for entrepreneurs who want to launch their business as soon as possible. Our experts will also tell you about the TOP-5 best jurisdictions for getting SPI-license.

Procedure for getting SPI-license in Luxembourg

The process of obtaining a payment services license in this country usually consists of several key steps:

  • preparatory phase: includes studying regulatory requirements, assessing your business model and completing all necessary prerequisites, such as registering a company and opening a bank account;
  • filing an application: preparing and submitting a detailed application to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), including information about your company, capital, bank account, financial strength and compliance;
  • document review: undergoing a thorough review of documents by regulatory authorities, including checking compliance with your company’s safety standards and compliance procedures;
  • statement: Upon successful completion of the documentary check and fulfillment of all regulatory requirements, you receive a license, which allows you to operate in the Luxembourg market and in the European Union.

You can also resort to the option of a Luxembourg SPI license company for sale. We will help you purchase it.

Tax system

Tax legislation is also important for companies providing payment services in Luxembourg:

the country offers competitive tax legislation for such companies, including a corporate income tax rate of 24.94%;

In addition, Luxembourg has numerous bilateral tax treaties with other countries to prevent double taxation of income and provide tax breaks or credits on international transactions, payments and sales.

The cost of an SPI-license may vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of your business plan and the need for advice. For an accurate cost estimate, it is recommended to contact specialists who can take into account your individual needs.

Why is such permit required?

With the tightening of requirements from foreign banks, payment systems are becoming increasingly in demand. In some countries, foreigners are given the opportunity to create their own payment system with reasonable investments. It can be used both to attract external clients and for internal operations. It is only important to comply with the requirements of the regulator in order to get small payment institution license in Luxembourg.

The permit gives the right to provide the following services:

  • transfers via SWIFT, SEPA and others;
  • issuance of virtual and plastic cards;
  • account management.

Typically, it is not necessary to open many branches, as is the case with banks, since user identification can be done remotely. However, you will have to invest heavily in software to protect client funds.

About us

  1. Experienced professionals: Our team consists of professionals who are very familiar with the process of the option to obtain small payment institution license in Luxembourg.
  2. Personalized approach: We understand that every company is unique, so we offer personalized solutions to suit your needs.
  3. Legal compliance: We monitor changes in legislation to ensure your company is compliant.
  4. Efficiency: Our streamlined processes help you save time and effort so you can focus on growing your business.
  5. We discuss and agree on all costs before signing the contract.
  6. We maintain long-term partnerships with lawyers and licensed agents from the countries of registration.
  7. Ready SPI-license in the UK, Germany, Portugal and other countries.

Our company offers to obtain a license in full compliance with the law and without additional delays. Our specialists are ready to help you with any questions and provide legal support to your company at all stages, including collecting documents and obtaining a license.

The cost of an SPI license consists of state fees and other expenses, which our lawyer will tell you about. We offer a simplified system for obtaining a license in the shortest possible time, which will help you develop faster in your chosen industry. Requests for service are accepted by telephone and by e-mail to the company. Our services include:

  • consultations: assistance in meeting regulatory requirements for your business model;
  • company with SPI license for sale in Luxembourg;
  • application support: assistance in preparing and submitting a strong application to regulatory authorities;
  • assistance in documentary verification: assistance in successfully completing the verification without problems;
  • legal compliance: Ongoing support to ensure compliance with laws in your business.

Obtaining such permits opens up opportunities for your company to successfully develop within the EU and on the global market. You can resort to the option of sale of small payment institution license in Luxembourg. With our support, you can overcome regulatory hurdles and establish yourself as a successful participant in this thriving financial center. Contact us today to start your journey to financial success in Luxembourg.

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