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Asset management license in Belgium

February 5, 2024

Jurisdiction, located at EU center, is renowned for its strategic geographical location, extensive transport network and diverse industrial and commercial base. Registering a firm locally brings a number of benefits to foreign investors, such as research and development (R&D) support, innovation and close links with neighboring markets. Establishing a company in the country is quite simple, but requires company directors to have at least a degree or diploma in the relevant field.

Our company is highly-qualified professionals in the field of establishing and licensing commercial structures. We work with hundreds of jurisdictions worldwide. Our company is ready to offer you the option of a Belgium asset management license for sale. In addition, we also provide comprehensive advice on all issues related to obtaining an asset management license.

Overview of asset management license in Belgium: regulation and benefits

In the context of such area, board priorities emphasize improvements in security, privacy, quality of service and customer interactions. This highlights the growing importance of providing a secure and satisfactory client experience. Organizations are focusing on leveraging customer-centric technologies such as investment portals and mobile apps to support digital channels and improve the investor experience. Meeting customer expectations also requires investing in connected platform technologies and automation at all levels of the business-activities, thereby providing visibility, modeling and supervision of opportunities for investors.

The trust service provided by financial facilities or management-companies in the stock, commodity and currency markets involves the transfer of funds or assets to managing-party according to contract.

  1. The managing party carries out transactions on its own behalf, but exclusively in the interests of the client, for which it receives remuneration in the form of a percentage of the income received or as a percentage of the price of managed assets.
  2. To spread such services, companies or institutions require a license. Typically, trust services are provided to clients based on individual requests and investment goals, which makes investing through this agreement more expensive than purchasing shares or units.
  3. The effectiveness of capital management largely depends on the professionalism of the specialists performing management. Before concluding an agreement, it is important to study the results of the work of a specific specialist who will be entrusted with managing the client’s funds.
  4. As a rule, there are no guarantees of profit, since it depends on many factors, including economic conditions. Providing guarantees may raise questions about the company’s financial strength in volatile market-spaces.
  5. Agreement includes a list of instruments in which assets are planned to be invested. This gives possibilities to approximately determine relationship between risk and return.
  6. Obtaining Belgium asset management licensed company for sale, capital-holders can engage in various business-activities such as fund servicing, trading as agent-parties or principals, arranging transactions and providing custody services, based on category of funds managed.

When providing such services for foreign funds exempt from regulation for qualified investors, obtaining an asset management license in Belgium is carried out in an expedited review mode with an established level of authorized capital. In the case of other types of funds, servicing takes longer and the minimum authorized capital is a larger amount.

With our help, you can not only obtain this type of permit, but also buy Belgium licensed asset management company. We also offer asset management licenses in Hong Kong, China, Malta, Antigua and others.

Get asset management license in Belgium: licensing stages

  1. Preparation of a business-plan and forecast of funds flows.
  2. Development of internal guidelines and instructions for the investment fund, conducting client verification.
  3. Submitting documentation to regulatory bodies, conducting interviews with senior officials, awaiting feedbacks from the regulative bodies and obtaining formal approval.
  4. Registering a company, getting a trade license, concluding an office lease.
  5. Creation of a banking account, entering authorized capital, approval of the regulator.
  6. Concluding a highly-professional liability insurance contract, appointing professionals.

How to obtain asset management license in Belgium

We offer option to get asset management license in Belgium, providing persons with next-mentioned confidence: licensee meets regulative normative points.

  1. Conducting a business-model analysis with advice on regulative basis.
  2. Preparation of a business-plan and fully-covering forecasts.
  3. Create necessary mechanisms and guidelines.
  4. Providing compliance and control officer outsourcing services.
  5. Completion of organization, incl. the creation of a holding firm, development and adaptation of memorandums.
  6. Assistance in renting premises, creating a banking account and getting permission to spread services.

We guarantee guidance and fully-covering help in process of getting permits. Our firm offers option of asset management license in Belgium for sale as a business-start.

  1. Expert advice: our team provides detailed advice on mandatory aspects of process of obtaining an asset management license according to local law-basis. It includes an overview of the required steps, normative parameters and expected timelines.
  2. Documentation: we help in preparing all necessary documentation for successful completion of the licensing procedure. This includes drawing up business plans, developing policies and procedures in accordance with regulatory standards.
  3. Personal representation: we can act as a client representative before regulators and other authorities, ensuring efficient interaction with agencies responsible for issuing licenses.
  4. Controlling of licensing process: our specialists coordinate the entire process of obtaining a license, including filing applications, interacting with regulators and resolving all possible issues during this process.
  5. Legal compliance: we will ensure that the client fully complies with normative parameters of Belgian legislation, ensuring that the business-activities are conducted correctly and in accordance with regulations.
  6. Post-license support: once a ready-made asset management license in Belgium for sale has been successfully obtained, we can continue to provide support by providing compliance and risk controlling to ensure the client continues to operate in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  7. Education and consulting: we provide training and consultation to clients regarding current trends, asset management strategies, and changes in legislation and regulation. This allows you to stay abreast of the latest innovations and effectively adapt your strategies in a rapidly changing environment.
  8. Asset management license for sale in Belgium and others.
  9. Monitoring and analytics: our experts guarantee monitoring and analytics services that help clients track the performance and effectiveness of their business-activities. This includes regular reports, market analysis and recommendations for portfolio optimization.

Such additional services help clients not only successfully obtain an asset management license, but also effectively control their transactions in the long term, ensuring stability and growth. We will help you become the owner of an asset management licensed company for sale in Belgium. In addition, you can also familiarize yourself with offers of ready-made asset management businesses for sale in Sweden, Latvia, Germany and other countries.

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