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Investment fund: how it works

October 1, 2022

Funds are fairly considered one of the most frequently applied products for getting gains. To receive the most out of them, it makes sense to figure out what they represent and what classes are best for different types of investors.

What is an investment fund (IF)?

A fund organized for investing purposes is a structure that pools monetary assets collected by individuals with the purpose to receive gains from contributions into tradable financial assets, for instance, shares and other financial tools. These vehicles provide straightforward entry to markets for persons that they would in other cases find it challenging to invest in individually. Another significant advantage is the possibility of diversifying portfolios. They transfer investors’ money to managers who monitor the markets for the best options to make interest. Funds offer highly flexible terms for redeeming or transferring assets, alongside tax benefits in many countries.

How does an investment fund work?

The key players of an IF are investors, management firms, and depositary. First thing first, investors must buy units in a chosen fund. The prices per unit are the fund’s “net asset values”. It is assessed by splitting the fund’s equity by the number of participants. Given the fact that participants can sell the units they possess, the IF’s equity value can grow or, otherwise, reduce.

Management firms are in charge of proper administering of the fund’s assets. They find the most efficient opportunities for investors’ assets and may propose to clients a number of funds with various risks and rates of gains. The money-making of an IF largely depends on the sector of the assets they contribute into.

Categories of investment funds

Generally, funds are classified into many categories, each with its specific features:

  • Hedge funds;
  • Alternative funds;
  • International funds;
  • Money market funds;
  • Absolute return funds;
  • Passively-run funds;
  • Real estate investment trusts;
  • Bond and blend funds;
  • Fully and partially guaranteed IFs.

How to make a decision choosing an investment fund

Prior to contributing money to a fund, it’s essential to get aware of related risks, prices, and other aspects. It is advisable to apply an investment fund simulator that shows how much we should contribute for a specific rate of return to make sure a fund class is a great fit for the investor profile.

It is crucial to take into consideration personal finances, purposes, and the level of risk an investor is prepared to take so that contribution matches profiles and conditions. A core aspect is terms for investment which can be short- or long-termed. Last but not least factors are a fund’s redemption and management expenses.

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