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AEMI license in Cyprus

February 20, 2023

This’s globally-recognized merchant state with an excellent reputation in the field of finance. It offers a favorable environment for organizations providing their services in  field of Fintech-services. AEMI license in Cyprus gives you access to a stable and developed space, ideally suited to the implementation of various commercial strategies.

Regulatory bodies and norms covering authorized electronic money institution license in Cyprus

Local Central Bank regulates all operations related to e-money. It controls Fintech-firms, namely payment-enterprises and e-money establishments, providing authorized e-money licenses in Cyprus. Services of this kind are controlled in this jurisdiction by legislative acts that entered into force in 2012 and 2018.

CySEC oversees operations and verifies compliance of financial-regulation and deals with European MiFID.

Businesses for sale in Cyprus

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Cyprus ready-made forex company for sale

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Jurisdiction: Cyprus (CySEC) License Type: MM Year of Incorporation: 2015 Year of License: 2015 HQ: Cyprus Bank: Hermes Bank (St.Lucia) corporate and clients’ accounts, Privat Bank (Latvia) corporate account Capital Requirement: EUR 730,000 Firm Status: Dormant firm. Clean record. No open or unresolved legal issues. Current Employees: 3 in-house (2 Executive Directors, 1 Compliance Officer),…

Management Company in Cyprus

Europe, Cyprus
FEATURES OF CREATION A management company in Cyprus is always the perfect solution for the European Union fund registration process. This is facilitated by a huge number of reasons, among which it is worth highlighting a transparent registration process, an affordable taxation system in the country, an excellent legislative framework and law enforcement practice. Therefore,…

To get AEMI license in Cyprus: benefits 

  1. Minimum expenses for opening and starting operations.
  2. Knowledge of English is mandatory for representatives of commercial sector, and qualified personnel are fluent in 2-3 languages.
  3. Businesspersons can buy authorized e-money institution in Cyprus and get taxation conditions beneficial for business: corporate tax rates on income are 12.5% of net income.
  4. It is also possible to reduce taxes, subject to good tax-planning.
  5. There isn’t capital increase taxation.
  6. The island’s government fully supports research and tech-development activities: it gives 80%-exemption from tax commissions on income from use of intellectual assets related to R&D.
  7. Agreements on the exclusion of double-taxation have been signed with 52 states.
  8. By meeting certain criteria, capital holders may receive additional tax benefits.

Requirements for AEMI license in Cyprus

In jurisdiction’s territory, you can obtain a permission from an authorized electronic funds company and a payment company. Small firms are not offered permissions. To obtain AEMI license in Cyprus, enterprises need to have locally registered offices and spread some services here.

  1. Firm needs to possess 2 executive directors and 2 non-executives. Executive directors need to live locally, have expertise in doing business in this area and confirm professional skills.
  2. There need to be 2 shareholders who can prove their solvency to support enterprise.
  3. Registration-process, as well as approval of a license in Cyprus, is free of charge.

To launch your electronic money firm in Cyprus, you need to send applicant documents, future services-program, business plan, detailed description of company structure, confirmation of starting capital, data on protection of customer assets and system-security, supervision and management schemes, anti-money-laundering system funds, as well as additional securities requested by the regulator. Instead, businesspersons may get ready-made AEMI license in Cyprus.

AEMI license in Cyprus for sale

To correctly provide documentation needed without making mistakes, contact our experts. We will take care of the entire process to buy a company with AEMI license in Cyprus. Qualified professionals of our firm have vast experience in this field and may give you extensive advice on any issues connected with licensing. We’ll be able to minimize the period for issuing a permit and help at the first stages of opening a payment institution.

  1. We will prepare an application by filling out a questionnaire, and we will undertake communication with the regulatory body.
  2. We will help you create a business plan and open insurance accounts.
  3. We will select qualified personnel with good experience.
  4. We will help to draw up internal policies and financial documents.
  5. Our team just helps businesspersons to buy AEMI license in Cyprus.

Contact our specialists right now and don’t worry about anything going wrong anymore, because soon you will be able to open your own payment institution and make a profit by developing your own commercials. We have an extensive list of ready-made companies and licenses for sale in many jurisdictions.

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