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Crypto license in Philippines

September 10, 2022

In 2014, when virtual currencies began to be used in Philippines, Bangko Sentral made a statement that these funds were not subject to any regulation by the authorities. At that time, crypto-currencies were defined type of money that had no guarantees and was not issued by the Central Bank, and which could be used to pay for real services and goods. Today, entrepreneurs can obtain such an official document as a crypto license in Philippines and develop their deals in this direction.

Cryptocurrency exchange license in Philippines

Any firm carrying out fiat-to-crypto exchange and vice versa can obtain cryptocurrency License in Philippines. On exchange, people can convert, cash out and perform some other operations with crypto assets.

Certification of such a company is performed in two stages.

  1. Preparatory step. Bangko Sentral must determine if the applicant meets all points for establishing cryptoexchange.
  2. Documents submission and payment of the relevant fees; then, procedure will be completed, and enterprise receives a COR.

In frame of first stage of getting VASP license in Philippines, applicant must submit the following:

  • correctly completed application;
  • business plan, including target market information;
  • a list of persons owning the shares of the company, directors and holding key management positions.

If the applicant does not pass the verification at the first step, he/she receives a corresponding refusal notification from Bangko Sentral. If application for licenses for cryptocurrencies in Philippines is approved, next package of documentation will need to be sent to complete the certification process:

  • registration confirmation: the corporation or partnership must provide constituent documents duly certified;
  • appropriate permission from the local authorities of the city where commercial operations will be conducted. This document should contain the direction of the organization;
  • an agreement of the Board of Directors and the owner, certified by a notary, which indicates the respective obligations of the parties;
  • confirming that the firm has implemented and complied with anti-money trafficking and terrorist financing policies and internal regulatory requirements;
  • permission to conduct commercial transactions from the responsible bank;
  • confirmation of the availability of the required amount of start-up capital.

Holders of VASP licenses in the Philippines must have a minimum capital of fifty mln pounds. Registration fee is 100 thousand.

Philippines VASP license also claims organizations to commit to protecting consumer privacy and ensuring that the platforms and mechanisms implemented are safe to use. Fees and commissions for using these platforms should be made known to customers, as well as the risks that may arise when dealing with virtual assets.

Getting a cryptocurrency license and launching business in Philippines may be associated with a number of nuances regarding regulative framework of state. Results of ignorance regarding this or that aspect may be a refusal to issue a license. To avoid unpleasant consequences, contact our team. We’ll help you choose a ready-made licensed structure and give you full assistance at every stage of the transaction. Our experts have vast experience in this field and are ready to share it with you.

Please contact us to get more information.

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