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Company registration in Antigua

December 22, 2020

Antigua is an island nation in the Caribbean. Recently, this jurisdiction has become very attractive for foreign capital owners, since it offers a fairly simple procedure for registering companies, combined with the highest degree of protection of the funds of the founders and data on the owners. Antigua is an example of a classic offshore company that allows a representative of any country in the world to register a company on its territory. The legislative base of the state is constantly being improved.

Establishing an organization in Antigua has certain benefits, which are as follows:

  • simplicity of all bureaucratic procedures and formalities – the whole process lasts a maximum of 1 day;
  • protection of the investor’s assets in the turnover of the organization;
  • tax privileges are granted to the company for the next 50 years;
  • non-disclosure of information about the owners, beneficiaries and the directorate of the company, even though the register in Antigua is open;
  • there is no need to submit audit and accounting reports – it is only important to store all the mandatory information relating to the enterprise, such as Status, Memorandum and others.

A non-resident will also be able to open a company, however, a local agent will be needed for registration. All international offshore organizations are regulated by the AFSR Commission.

The process of establishing an offshore company in Antigua

Forms for incorporating an organization in Antigua:

  • commercial firm of international type;
  • holding;
  • company for export and import of goods;
  • financial institution, etc.

An enterprise may include 1+ director – an individual or a legal entity. It will also be necessary to hire a secretary, who can also be a non-resident. The requirements for the number of shareholders are the same as for the number of directors. Information concerning the beneficiaries was not disclosed.

In order to obtain a registration certificate, the following documents are transferred through an agent to a special bureau:

  • company name – already verified and unmistakable;
  • registration forms completed by the founders and certified by the relevant authorities;
  • constituent documents with apostille, which includes the Status, minutes of the meeting of shareholders, etc.
  • confirmation that the company has paid the fees due for the registration procedure.

There are no minimum requirements for the initial capital. Most often, a company starts operating with a capital of 50 thousand dollars. It is permitted to use nominee services by appointing a director and electing shareholders. All lines of business that the firm intends to engage in must be listed in the memorandum of association. The account is created after the registration of the organization.

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