Company registration in Argentina

Argentina still has not been able to fully overcome the economic crisis that has been going on over the past decade. The state must still make a lot of efforts to revive the economy. Therefore, the country’s government is trying its best to attract foreign investors.

In recent years, experts say, Argentina has been moving in the right direction, for example, a tax amnesty law has been passed, control over the local currency has been removed, the dollar deficit has been eliminated, access to international money markets has been opened, and inflation has been reduced.


The creation of a business structure in Argentina by foreign investors is possible in various organizational and legal forms. The most popular among them are the following.

  • Corporation (S.A.).
  • Branch of a foreign company.
  • Limited Liability Company (SRL).

The Corporation is an open Joint Stock Company, the minimum capital of which is 12 thousand ARS. ¼ part of the capital is paid at the time of registration of the company, the rest – over two years. The minimum number of shareholders is 2. The institution is governed by a board of directors, most of whom must be citizens of Argentina.

The Argentine branch of a foreign enterprise is the second recognized form of organizing business for foreign investors. It involves the translation into Spanish of the legalized documentation of the main institution. The trustee must only be a resident of Argentina.

Limited Liability Company is characterized by the absence of a set minimum capital. A quarter of the capital is paid by the owners of the shares at the time of registration of the company, the rest over two years. Shareholders cannot transfer their shares to third parties. The minimum number of shareholders is 1, the maximum is 50. A director can be either a resident or non-resident of Argentina.


Generous natural resources make Argentina, a country with strong economic and natural contrasts, a state with high potential for starting a business. Investors from abroad are in great demand in this country in such areas as:

  • state infrastructure;
  • energy;
  • tourism;
  • agriculture.

The domestic market is not fully satisfied with the demand for consumer goods and capital goods, which opens up prospects for creating a business structure. Investments in real estate construction are also profitable.

5 reasons to choose Eternity Law International

Registration of low-tax enterprises around the world for the purpose of efficient tax optimization and flexible structuring of your own business is a specialty of Eternity Law International. There are 5 reasons to choose ELI:

  1. Data confidentiality and fair business practices are top priorities.
  2. Availability of competitive prices. Long-term friendly relations with partners in all jurisdictions allow the company to offer its clients affordable prices.
  3. Extensive experience in the international market for the registration of offshore and offshore enterprises. The company’s specialists have been providing their services for over 15 years and know all the subtleties and loopholes of each jurisdiction.
  4. Team of professionals. The company employs an erudite staff in international law, banking, business and commercial law, real estate planning with many years of experience.
  5. Individual approach to each client, taking into account his requests and wishes.

Eternity Law International services:

  • Registration of offshore jurisdiction.
  • Professional secretary services.
  • Bookkeeping, sending documentation to the tax office.
  • Legal and audit services of any complexity.
  • Opening accounts in reliable foreign banks.
  • Assistance in obtaining Forex, EML, gaming licenses.
  • Registration of a package of documents for opening a company or a bank payment card.
  • Provision of a legal or registration address.
  • Notarized or apostilled certification of documentation.
  • Providing professional nominee service.

More about the benefits

To buy a company means to get a ready-made company, created in advance for transferring to another owner in full ownership.

Arguments in favor of buying ready-made companies with the help of Eternity Law International:

  • firms are available immediately upon completion of the purchase;
  • the package with documentation is fully completed and ready for shipment;
  • in the case of notarization or apostille of documents, the preparation procedure will take no more than one or two days;
  • the opportunity to engage in commercial business immediately after the acquisition;
  • zero financial history;
  • there is the possibility of changing the charter, the composition of the owners of shares, the possibility of introducing restrictions on the rights and powers;
  • the ability to choose the appropriate option among the proposed companies and names;
  • buying a ready-made company takes much less time than registering.

Purchasing a ready-made company, the customer will receive the following basic documentation:

  • institution registration certificate;
  • agreement on the establishment and Articles of Association of the enterprise;
  • a certificate in the name of a nominee shareholder;
  • a declaration of trust of property;
  • document on the appointment of the first director and a power of attorney issued in his name;
  • apostilled copy of the institution’s registered documentation.

Offshore company registration or purchase of a ready-made low-tax company with the help of Eternity Law International is a wise investment with the assistance of a reliable contractor.

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