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Forex license in Belize

September 19, 2022

It’s a promising environment for investing in FX projects. Low taxes’ rates make it possible to propose a variety of brokerage services there. Forex license in Belize is provided by local regulator, BIFSC; it controls and regulates operations in this industry.

Forex broker license in Belize: privileges & prospects

Getting license to trade Forex in Belize from regional authorities supposes first to pass organization’s registration. Belize’s considered among the most reliable offshore-spaces with a high level of security. By registering firm here, businesspersons can get access to next-mentioned privileges:

  • no taxes;
  • ensuring data confidentiality;
  • registration in a short time;
  • it is not mandatory for owners to stay in jurisdiction territory;
  • one person can be shareholder and manager;
  • board meeting may be appointed beyond state;
  • there isn’t currency control at all.

To successfully use all advantages of this state as income-generating platform, it’s important to follow certain rules:

  • firm doesn’t work with residents of state;
  • executives cannot own real estate in the state;
  • businesspersons need to get permission: it’s provided by regulative authorities for brokerage.

Obtaining FX license in Belize is beneficial for these points:

  • quick procedure of getting permission comparing with others (90 days);
  • large expertise in licensing FX activities;
  • lack of excessively strict control over brokerage firms;
  • loyalty of local authorities in this commercial direction.

How to register and obtain a Forex license in Belize?

To register organizations is quite elementary and efficient. Businesspersons should fulfill such points:

  • collect all required papers from owners and investors;
  • select a personal enterprise name not yet available there;
  • pay taxes and registration fees;
  • enter enterprise in general register.

To successfully complete this process, you must provide such documentations:

  • Statute;
  • documentary evidence regarding tops’ appointment;
  • directors’ details;
  • if firm has nominee directors, you’ve to possess an authorized permission to manage firm.

Belize Forex license application

Everyone wanting to get a Forex license needs to follow mandatory rules set by BFSC. It’s essential to collect all needed documentation by contacting controlling authority. Necessary should to be prepared:

  • application drawn up and approved by a notary;
  • personal shareholders’ information and documents their confirmation;
  • passports photocopies certified by a notary, confirmation of where persons live, banking statements and resumes from each management member;
  • commercial description.

Every jurisdiction has licensing difficulties, and this state isn’t exception. BFSC sets comprehensive demands only a specially trained person with expertise may handle quickly and without problems.

In case you’ve intention to obtain a Forex license in Belize, please contact our specialists. Our experts help you in resolving any issue related to the transaction, provide full support and offer a lot of options for ready-made businesses for sale.

You can see our current offers in the categories “Cryptocoins and licensing of cryptocurrency operations”, “Ready-made companies”, “Banks for sale” and “Licenses for sale”.

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