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Forex Broker License in Belize

September 19, 2022

Getting a Belize Forex brokerage license gives brokerage firms possibilities to be officially present on the market, operate as a regulated party and hold client funds. But all business-activities of each company are subject to stringent regulations, which will have to be supported by appropriate reports sent to a special authority. Belize is suitable as a lucrative space for the work of investment firms. Loyal laws, which are based on the legal model of Britain, make Belize quite appealing and profitable for brokers. The local regulatory institution is International Financial Commission – IFSC, which issues permits and controls this area.

Our firm has been working in the field of launching and licensing business-projects worldwide for plenty of years. We provide comprehensive professional assistance in getting Forex licenses in Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong and others.

FX licenses requirement list in Belize

Let’s consider the main criteria set by official authorities.

  1. To operate in the brokerage-services field and get Forex license Belize, it’s needed to possess 1 director and shareholder (individual or other organization; it may not have a resident-status).
  2. Properly designed and implemented programs and mechanisms to maintain the complete confidentiality and security of customer data.
  3. Directors of firms need to possess work expertise and proof of qualification in brokerage sphere.
  4. It is important to draw up business-plan, financial predictions for next 5 years, and collect all other documentation.
  5. Company’s presence in country: it is necessary to have an office and local employees.
  6. It is also required to get a bank account and pay minimum capital and all fees.

Local Laws regarding issuance of permits for Forex-brokers were updated in 2016:

  • starting capital was previously 100 thousand dollars, now the amount has increased to 500 thousand;
  • the cost of renewing a license permit is now $25,000 per year;
  • state application fees are $1,000.

Firms that hold a Belize Forex brokerage license are needed to submit financial statements for quarter-period, and an annual report. A firm secretary can be individual residing anywhere and without nationality normative rules.

Basic documentation what is needed for IFSC:

  • a properly completed, signed and certified by an authorized notary application-form for license;
  • directors and shareholders biography and resumes;
  • copies of passports, bank records and countries of residence with recommendations separately for directors;
  • business-plan.

In addition, the regulator has the right to request supplementary documentation and data if information provided is not enough.

Types of Forex-licenses in Belize

There’re three types of permits for owners of brokerage-companies:

  • foreign currencies trading;
  • work with securities and financial tools;
  • advising on any type of financial service range.
belize forex brokerage license

Benefits of Forex license Belize

It’s necessary to establish an organization, which is quite simple to do there. Registering a company in this jurisdiction offers several privileges that businessmen should bear in mind.

  1. Offshore firms aren’t taxed.
  2. Increased level of data privacy.
  3. Fast firms’ registration.
  4. There isn’t citizenship requirement criteria for owners, directors and any capital-holders.
  5. Permission to hold a board of directors outside local territories.
  6. Lack of currencies control.

Loyal laws in force in this jurisdiction give a huge advantage to firms operating here. Getting a Belize Forex license locally provides plenty of other privileges:

  • fast paperwork;
  • extensive expertise in licensing brokerage-companies;
  • minimal control over the work of firms that have received a Belize license Forex to provide service range in the brokerage-market;
  • a small list of documentation needed;
  • fixed starting capital.

How to get a Forex-license in Belize

Under local law, a simple and fairly quick licensing process is provided.

  1. Establishment of a local firm.
  2. Entry of organization into Register.
  3. Opening a banking account for commercial needs.
  4. Collection of document list set by regulator.
  5. Payment of registration fees.

Our professionals accompany you at every phase of this process, taking on difficult aspects, including interaction with the IFSC. We assist to obtain Forex-licenses in UK, Switzerland and hundreds of EU countries.

Taxation of Belize Forex-companies

Residents of foreign states residing in Belize pay only income tax on funds received locally. All immigrant persons with a banking account not in Belize aren’t covered by foreign income tax.

  1. The personal income tax in the country is 25%.
  2. Companies pay income tax only in the oil sector. Amount depends on the profit of organization. Corporate tax-rate for residents of jurisdiction ranges from 0.75% to 19%. Firms being not residents, do not have profits in country of incorporation and don’t possess head office there, don’t pay income tax.
  3. There is no capital gains tax in the country.
  4. Social contributions for employed persons are paid by the employer at a rate of 9%.

Our services

Our professionals are highly-qualified and very competent in matters of establishment and licensing of firms in jurisdictions worldwide. We’ll be able to solve any issues by providing comprehensive support of specialists at all stages of process of getting a Belize Forex license.

  1. Assistance in opening enterprises in any jurisdiction.
  2. Getting licenses and permits.
  3. Collection and correct completion of all required documents.
  4. Opening banking and merchant accounts.
  5. Corporate services: office registration, recruiting and further employment, submitting reports, etc.
  6. Ready-made companies and licenses for sale.
  7. Consulting on any issues.

Our experts guarantee fast and high-quality results.

How much is it to obtain a Belize Forex license?

Cost of getting a Belize license Forex always differs, based on the mass of criteria. Specialists calculate the full cost individually, before starting cooperation. We will calculate the most favorable basis for licensing and optimize all means, as well as the time for firm establishment.

Our advantages

Our company has been on the market for a long time, so it has an excellent reputation and a lot of satisfied clients who always come back for new assistance to scale businesses.

  1. High qualification and many years of experience.
  2. Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world.
  3. Large selection of services.
  4. Fast and efficient results.
  5. Individual approach to each client.
  6. Honesty and transparency in interaction with clients.
  7. Commitment to your work.
  8. Desire to follow innovative developments and technological solutions.

Using our services, you will save not only your money, but also time-resources. Trust our professionals! Registering and establishing a firm in any country will be quick and hassle-free.

Do Forex Traders Need a Forex License in Belize?

A Forex license gives entrepreneurs who hold it the official and unrestricted right to act as a participant and service provider in the Forex market. Belize license Forex is required in order to offer clients certain Forex services, the full and specific range of which depends on the type of license. Traders who do not have such a license are not allowed to operate in the Forex market. Activities uncontrolled by the regulator are punishable by penalties.

How is Forex regulated in Belize?

The local regulator is the International Financial Commission of Belize – IFSC. This body strictly and impartially controls the activities of Forex brokers and issues licenses for this type of activity. To become a holder of such a permit, applicants must demonstrate full and consistent compliance with the established requirements to the IFSC. Only with full compliance with each of the required regulatory points, the regulator approves the application and issues a Belize license Forex.

Is Forex trading legal in Belize?

To conduct legal activities as a Forex broker in Belize, you must obtain the appropriate license. Forex license Belize provides official access to the Forex market and unlimited opportunities in relation to the provision of Forex services. Successfully obtaining a license requires meeting the criteria set by the local regulator.

How much does a Forex license cost in Belize?

The total cost of obtaining a Belize Forex brokerage license is calculated individually in each case. Our experts will make the correct calculation for you. We will also make every effort to optimize your budget. Contact us for an initial consultation.

belize forex license

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