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Investments in Bulgaria

October 20, 2022

Bulgaria has long been appealing for its heritage for tourists and locals. However, a developing economy can also improve investor evolving in state. Investments in Bulgaria are quite a promising commercial direction, since this jurisdiction can offer many potential possibilities for realization of certain business plans, as well as a lot of privileges. For example, according to forecasts, the country’s economy will be stable until at least 2030, and many favorable conditions have been created to attract and retain businesspersons from other states.

Foreign investments in Bulgaria: why is it worth investing in a business established there?

There are quite inviting investment opportunities in Bulgaria, and not only for beginners, but also for experienced businesspersons. Below, we will consider several grounds why an investor should pay attention to this particular country.

  1. Jurisdiction has membership in NATO and the EU, so it can enjoy all the privileges that the developed infrastructure and funding of Europe gives. By 2024, Bulgaria plans to fully adopt the euro.
  2. This country has an excellent economic situation, which continues to remain so even despite the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the whole world. First investment bank in Bulgaria, as a general economic space, is mostly aimed at attracting capital holders from other countries, which is the main catalyst for creating a favorable environment for foreign means owners.
  3. State has 4 large airports operating in all directions. It will not be difficult for an investor to get there if necessary.
  4. As one of the largest states in the Balkans, Bulgaria has borders with Romania, North Greece, Macedonia and Turkey. This state is called the gateway to the EU, Turkey, the Middle East and the CIS countries at crossroads of Europe and Asia. For businessmen who intend to be involved in property investments in Bulgaria, commercial leaders and travelers, this is a wonderful space with many useful connections.
  5. Additionally, it’s also part of a valuable commercial infrastructure expansion strategy that has been adopted by the Chinese authorities. The initiative includes land corridors and sea routes that cover almost 70 states. Thus, the jurisdiction becomes quite a favorable “platform” for logistics companies.
  6. Over the past 5 years, permanent investments in the commercial real estate sector have exceeded 427 million euros. At the same time, investors from South Africa, Great Britain and Greece are the largest sources of cross-border investments. As in other states, during the pandemic, investments were halved. But at the same time, the first recovery factors that can normalize the situation in the country have already been outlined and are being actively implemented – investment properties in Bulgaria have already increased by 153% compared to 2020.
  7. State has a large available workforce being multilingual and skilled expertised in emerging fintech and IT industries in particular.
  8. Educational factor. 21+ thousand students graduate from Sofia University. According to official data, 80% of students find a job immediately after graduation. This indicates a stable and wide market for human resources in the jurisdiction.

If you want to become an investor in a rapidly developing country that offers many perspectives, then this jurisdiction is exactly what you need. The specialists of our company will help you choose the right area of ​​investment or just deal with the necessary papers and licenses. Our specialists are qualified lawyers with vast experience and professional knowledge on foreign direct investments in Bulgaria. We’ll help resolve all issues without wasting both money and time. Contact us right now, and we will help you not only with comprehensive advice, but also offer many options for ready-made businesses for sale.

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