Golden visa in Spain

Golden Visa Spain with an investment of € 500,000

Spain launched its Golden Visa program in 2013. An investment of € 500,000 in real estate is a requirement for obtaining a residence in Spain for the whole family.

The Spanish investor visa can be renewed every two years. After five years you have the right to permanent residence and after ten – citizenship. You do not need to live in Spain to maintain and renew your residence permit.

Our licensed lawyers in Spain have many years of experience in this field and can advise you on all the intricacies of the procedure, as well as help you choose a property, accompany a sale and purchase transaction and apply for a golden visa in Spain.

Permanent residence and citizenship

You are eligible to apply for permanent residence in Spain after living in Spain for five years.

Citizenship can be applied for permanent residence for ten years. Although a temporary residence permit (golden visa) can be easily renewed without residing in the country, the route to permanent residence and citizenship requires the investor and their family to reside in Spain.

For this reason, many investors prefer the Portugal option, where such residence is not a requirement.

Key facts

Investment of EUR 500,000
Complete family residence
Flexible. No need to reside.
Permanent residence from 5 years
Citizenship from 10 years
EU Schengen Visas
Real estate investment

After several years of falling prices, real estate is now at low prices and the Spanish property market offers significant potential for capital growth in the coming years. Investors need to carefully study their purchase.

Is it for investment and rental or lifestyle?

There are many offers on the market from developers and banks, but location and type of property are critical to a successful investment.

Investors who require our services may wish to check our procedure or learn more about the Spanish Golden Visa program.

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Other countries in which we offer a Golden visa

Spain is not the only country in Europe to offer a golden visa and residence permit through real estate investments. Visit our pages in Portugal and Greece to compare the immigration investment requirements and benefits of their Golden Visa and Citizenship Investment Programs in Cyprus and Malta.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in Spain, receiving an individual offer based on your requirements and a detailed calculation for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship in Spain.

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