Company registration in Peru

Peru is a fairly popular area for foreign investors, since it is distinguished by a special loyalty to capital owners who want to invest in commercial structures on the territory of the state. For non-residents, Peru offers several of the following forms of business.

  1. Commercial firm with limited liability of its members. This is a kind of analogue of LLC.
  2. Various corporations.
  • a regular corporation called the Sociedad Anonima ordinaria, with shareholders capped at a maximum of 750;
  • an anonymous organization of an open type, for which there are no requirements for the number of shareholders – Sociedad Anonima Abierta;
  • closed corporation. Such a company should include up to 29 shareholders. Foreign residents most often choose this particular form of business.

Requirements for companies in Peru

In order to be eligible to set up a business in the Peruvian jurisdiction, you need to have a tourist visa, a separate permission to start a business from government agencies, and a work or investor visa. The size of the share belonging to each member of the company is not indicated. But in order to obtain an investor visa, you need to have at your disposal a part equal to at least 25 thousand dollars. In addition, 80% of the company’s employees must be Peruanians

When planning to open a company in Peru, you need to do the following:

  • send a business plan to the Department of Immigration and Naturalization;
  • obtain a paper giving permission to legalize the signature of the owner of the company;
  • form the Statute and other constituent documents, and then certify them in a notary office;
  • create an account with one of the banking institutions in Peru. A quarter of the initial capital is deposited into the account;
  • register with the Public Register;
  • get a license from the city council.

Annual reports and audits

During the first 5 years of operation, small and medium-sized companies undertake to re-register the company after each next year.

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