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Comoros Forex license

March 9, 2023

Comoros is one of the luxurious locations for biz, in particular, in the field of investments and finance. Thanks to its favorable geographical location and the absence of income taxes, the Comoros attracts numerous investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world who are looking for favorable conditions for the development of their biz.

Overview of Forex license in Comoros Islands

The Forex industry is one of the key sectors of the Comoros economy. Many monetary services companies are opening offices in the islands to gain access to this important market. Regulation of forex brokers in the Comoros is carried out by the Ministry of Finance and Budget, which is responsible for granting licenses for activities in this area.

Obtaining a Comoros forex licence can be beneficial for forex brokers as it allows them to position themselves in the international forex market and offer their favors to investors worldwide. The Comoros license also allows brokers to attract clients from different countries and conduct investment transactions without paying income taxes.

Benefits of obtaining Comoros brokerage license

Achieving a Forex broker license in Comoros has several advantages:

  • Low capital requirements. Comoros has the lowest minimum fund demands of all jurisdictions granting Forex brokerage licenses. This means that it is possible to obtain a license for this activity in Comoros for relatively little money.
  • Low taxes. Comoros has a very attractive tax system for Forex brokers. Income and foreign exchange taxes are much lower than in most other countries.
  • Minimum regulatory restrictions. The regulatory requirements in Comoros are much less than in most other jurisdictions that grant licenses for Comoros International Brokerage. This means that the biz operations of Forex brokers can be less burdensome and more flexible.
  • Simple registration procedures. Achieving a license in the Comoros Islands is a fairly simple and quick process compared to other jurisdictions that grant licenses for Forex brokerage activities.

Requirements for obtaining offshore forex licence in the Comoros Islands

In order to obtain a permission for Forex activities in the Comoros Islands, certain requirements must be met. The most important of them are the following:

  • Company registration: Before obtaining a permission, a firm must be enrolled in Comoros and have an office in the country. Registration demands depend on the type of company (for example, LLC, corporation, partnership).
  • Regulatory Compliance: The company must comply with all regulations and standards set by the Comoros government and worldwide regulatory organizations. For example, the firm must ensure reliable protection of customer information and comply with capitalization requirements.
  • Go through the licensing procedure: the company must apply for a Forex license to the relevant Comoros regulatory authority. It may take from 3 to 6 months to make a decision on issuing a license.
  • Financial guarantee: the company must provide a financial guarantee to cover possible losses of its customers. The size of the guarantee depends on the type of activity and the scope of service.
  • Customer support: The company must have a high level of customer support and provide quality services.
  • Experience: A successful company license requires experience in the Forex industry.

Documents that should prepare for forex licence in the Comoros Islands

To obtain a Forex license in Comoros, the applicant must provide the following documents and information:

  • Application for acquiring a license.
  • A business plan that contains a complete description of the company’s business and development strategy.
  • Copies of the company’s registration documents, such as the certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, and other documents confirming the legality of the business.
  • Proof of the company’s financial stability, such as an account balance or proof of financial ability.
  • Documents confirming the compliance of the company’s management and employees with the requirements of Comoros legislation.
  • Confirmation of the size of the company’s equity capital.
  • A complete list of services that will be provided by the company.
  • Plans to protect client assets and secure transactions.
  • List of banks with which the company plans to cooperate.
  • A certificate on the absence of criminal records of the managers and founders of the company.
  • Copies of passports and other documents confirming the identity of the managers and founders of the company.

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