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DIN EN 15224 Points

August 23, 2020

Quality importance in health care is often understood when people are frustrated by its absence, or when they suffer from unnecessary waste of time, or when they are threatened with unnecessary spending. Today, it is first item on health care institutions agenda. Because people expect medical services from better services. For all healthcare establishments, improving quality has become a sense of charge. Methodological approaches to the construction of IMS based on the implementation of standards of the ISO 9000 family, etc. (by areas of activity). The application of DIN EN 15224 will contribute to healthcare institution efficiency by improving internal interaction of processes, a clear responsibilities distribution and personnel powers, reducing the duration of the work cycle and internal costs of the institution, increasing the competitiveness of the institution in the medical market, etc.

Target group of DIN EN 15224

All healthcare establishments that want their patient circle to be more competitive and at the same time promoting a safety culture and unleashing potential for betterment: clinics, medical centers, medical and dental practice, physiotherapy practice; nursing and rehabilitation institutions, nursing services, psychosomatics and psychotherapy institutions, hospices; pharmacies; ambulance/search and rescue service.

  1. Improved competitiveness – the company gains greater visibility and customer confidence by providing an excellent level of service quality in accordance with DIN EN 15224.
  2. Increase in productivity – according to DIN EN 15224, unnecessary services are removed from the processes, productivity is improved and efficiency is increased several times.
  3. You can certify your company’s DIN EN 15224 compliance globally, around the world.

Benefits of a DIN EN 15224 certified company

  • Organization’s focus on clinical processes.
  • Fostering safety processes improvement.
  • Combination with other standards is possible, for example with ISO 9001.
  • Increased patient trust.

Currently, the need for continuous improvement is recognized as an important means of achieving and maintaining competitiveness of a medical establishment. Continuous betterment should be embedded in its structure, and should be goal of each unit separately and company in general.

Quality in healthcare means meeting criteria such as availability, efficiency, safety and patient involvement, timeliness, and delivery of services based on facts and knowledge. These principles are reflected in the DIN EN 15224 standard.

In addition, employees of health care institutions are the basis of the medical care system, therefore, their needs and expectations, job satisfaction, desire for professional growth should be determined, which will help ensure their fullest involvement in the production (medical and diagnostic) process and increase labor motivation. Upgrading is only possible through the active involvement of all health workers and their support for quality policy. To do this, it is necessary to encourage proactive labor behavior and professional development of employees through the development of individual and group goals, assessment of intermediate and final results of labor processes.

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