Permanent resident card in Europe

Permanent resident card in Europe is always a topical question. Each European state has its own characteristics: the economic situation, geographical location, attitude towards emigrants, and so on.

When choosing a country to apply for a permanent resident card, all these factors must be taken into account. What is also important to remember is that having such a status is not always possible to find a job officially.

Registration of a European permanent resident card

Before proceeding with naturalization in a particular European country, you must first obtain a visa. You can legally stay in the Schengen zone for no more than ninety days in one-half of the year.

However, living for a long period is already considered illegal.

If you want to move to one of the European countries, then you will need to obtain a visa and collect all the necessary paperwork for obtaining a residence permit (after the initial receipt, the document must be renewed on a regular basis).

After some time, you will be able to apply for permanent status, which, of course, is a stage on the path to acquiring citizenship.

The choice of the state must be approached very thoroughly. It is important to consider not only the climatic conditions, but also take into account the conditions for obtaining the rights to employment and residence within the European Union and abroad.

Each country has its own policy. For example, in countries such as Norway and Switzerland, the grounds for a residence permit must be very strong.

The investment method alone will not be enough. However, legalization can be given to persons who get married with a citizen of these states, relatives who have lost their family and want to unite with it and businesspersons who conclude agreements for a long time with various countries.

Germany, however, clearly prescribes an algorithm of actions for persons wishing to apply for a residence permit.

Each specific case is considered individually – the presence of business activity, relatives, etc. is checked, and even this does not guarantee you an affirmative decision.

In addition, now you can get a European residence permit through many financial programs.

For example, Slovenia and Estonia are countries where it is very profitable to open a business, since there are no requirements for capital turnover and company size there.

However, nuances are indispensable here – the organization must be active, bring in and have data on contracts in the public domain.

Emigration via the purchase or lease of real estate

Some countries have a policy that the homeowner can expect to receive a residence permit. Just a few years ago, the list of such states was much larger, but recently it has been reduced.

The Czech Republic and Croatia are no longer included in it, Latvia has set too high prices, but Portugal, on the contrary, has become more attractive in this regard.

You can get a residence permit by renting or buying real estate in the following countries:

  • For a residence permit, any real estate is required, the price of which is equal to or exceeds 250 thousand euros. Additionally, you will need to pay 5% to the state treasury.
  • This country establishes the mandatory availability of real estate worth 500 thousand euros. If the building was built about or more than thirty years ago, then the amount is reduced to 350 thousand euros.
  • Here the cost is set at 500 thousand euros. Apart from this, you can also invest in any assets. However, in Spain, a residence permit does not provide the right to work and start your own business.
  • Residence permit here can be obtained with real estate worth 300 thousand euros. The status is renewed every five years.
  • In this country, the purchase of real estate will require investing 250 thousand euros. Moreover, here the residence permit does not provide the right to employment.

These states include Cyprus and Malta, where there are similar conditions.

You can also get a residence permit by investing in the development of the economic sphere of the state. For such investors, the same Malta, Hungary and some others will become attractive countries. Each country sets its own amount of investment.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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