Permanent residence permit

Only by observing certain requirements, you can get a residence permit. They should be read in order to have an understanding of how to get a positive result in solving the resulting problem in the future.

If you have any questions and need advice, you can contact a lawyer. He will help you understand this problem and find ways to solve it.


Before obtaining permanent residency, you should apply for immigration. After that go to the next stage. There are two principles for obtaining permission – quota and quota.

A quota is the number of persons applying for immigration established by higher authorities. Every year its value is revised by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

By quota issue approval for immigration can only:

  1. the military, who was in the army of Ukraine for more than 3 years;
  2. parents of a minor child living in Ukraine;
  3. victims of the slave trade who have lived on the territory of Ukraine for more than 3 years without interruption;
  4. former citizens of Ukraine;
  5. close relatives of a citizen of Ukraine;
  6. investors of the Ukrainian economy, who contributed more than 100 thousand US dollars;
  7. high-level masters in whom Ukraine is interested.

People matching this list will receive a residence permit by quota.

The quota-free principle includes people who have a great advantage over others on the issue of migration. They are:

  1. the guardians of a child with a Ukrainian passport or those who are under the care of people who are citizens of Ukraine;
  2. people married to a citizen of Ukraine for more than 2 years;
  3. having the right to citizenship on a territorial basis;
  4. people with Ukrainian roots, but not living in Ukraine;
  5. persons of state interest for Ukraine.

If your candidacy does not fit the points listed above, then our company will help you to issue a temporary residence permit with us.


  1. Experience. More than 5 years of cooperation with clients help to perform work quickly and efficiently.
  2. Control over the performance of work. With you there will be our assistant, who will pass with you all the necessary institutions and help in resolving issues.
  3. We work for you. We will prepare and collect all the necessary documents, and bring things to the end.
  4. Configured to a positive result. Our company will help to issue a residence permit quickly and without any problems.
  5. Cooperation with the client. You can always contact us at any time.


So that we can apply for a residence permit, you should take with you:

  1. proof of your identity (passport);
  2. a document confirming your criminal record (we can issue);
  3. a certificate from the hospital (we can arrange it).

This is enough so that we can assist you. Our company will be able to issue the rest of the information for you. These services are already included in the total cost.


  1. Personal meeting with the client, familiarization with the documents. We answer all your questions and draw up a plan for further action.
  2. We make the preparation of a complete package of documentation, in order to avoid problems in the future.
  3. Transfer of documents to the migration service, the decision of all the nuances.
  4. View promotion review of your question.
  5. The answer to immigration.
  6. Preparation of a package with all the documents for registration of a residence permit. Sending them to the migration service.
  7. We give documents about a residence permit to you.


  • What are the rights of a foreigner who has received a residence permit?

A person who has received a residence permit has almost all rights, like an ordinary Ukrainian. You get the right to vote during the elections and run for the various posts of government. You can create your own business, buy a car, get a job.

  • Can I get citizenship if my mother lived in Ukraine until 1991?

Yes. Such circumstances give you the right to obtain a permanent residence permit.

  • What are the limitations on the time spent in Ukraine I have after receiving a residence permit?

This permission does not limit you to being on the territory of Ukraine. Having received a residence permit, you can freely move around the country and leave its borders at any time. You decide how many days you want to stay in the state.

By consulting a lawyer of Eternity Law International, you can solve the problem in a short time. Our company will do everything for you to obtain a permanent residence permit. If there are no grounds for this, we will create them.

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