Residence of foreigners in Ukraine

The organization dealing with migration issues provides data according to which about 200 thousand foreigners are currently in Ukraine. A significant part of them are citizens of the former countries of the Soviet Union.

Regardless of how many foreigners live in our country, their stay should be regulated by the legal field. The law spells out several regimes that allow foreigners to be inside the country:

  1. permanent residence;
  2. short-term accommodation;
  3. temporary location.

That is, foreigners have the right to stay in Ukraine for a long or short term, depending on the purpose of the visit. Each of these modes has its own conditions and is valid for a certain period of time.

Short-term accommodation in Ukraine

The status of temporary residents are all foreigners who have not yet received a residence permit. The permitted period of attendance is established by visa.

A visa-free agreement has also recently entered into force, thanks to which foreigners have the right to stay in the country for 90 days. This period in emergency situations can be extended at the OVIR. Such cases include natural disaster, medical treatment or inheritance.

If a foreigner has arrived in the country with the aim of becoming its citizen, a temporary stay is also provided for him. This permission allows you to legally stay in Ukraine for a certain period.

A residence permit is always necessary for people who plan to work or study in Ukraine. But in this case, they need a document confirming this.

Obtaining the opportunity to permanently reside in the country is provided for in such cases:

  1. technical assistance;
  2. participation in educational programs;
  3. family reunion;
  4. fulfillment of official assignment by the correspondent.

Apart from exceptions, this document gives the right to stay inside the country for a year. This period can be extended if a person has a reason for this.

Permanent residence in Ukraine

The legislation makes it possible to legally reside in the country on a permanent basis. Refugees, immigrants and people who previously lost Ukrainian citizenship are entitled to this right.

Consequently, these are people who specially came to the country in order to obtain citizenship. The most common situations are a marriage between a citizen of another country and a Ukrainian, or when parents move to live with their children.

But obtaining a residence permit is not possible without an immigration permit. Moreover, each year a certain quota is set for this document. In such a situation, family ties do not play a decisive role.

The migration permit is first of all issued to foreigners who have officially invested at least $ 100 thousand in Ukraine. The advantage is also given to people working in an area that can benefit the state.

The review period for this application sometimes takes up to 12 months. After obtaining permission, you can apply to the migration service and begin issuing a residence permit. This must be done no later than 5 days after arrival.

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