Company registration in Sweden

Sweden remains a consistent global leader in welfare quality due to its high fiscal burden and low levels of corruption. However, this Scandinavian state is not offshore, therefore, it is not advisable to create a company there in order to minimize the tax burden.

The Swedish economy is directly dependent on exports – it accounts for about 40% of GDP. Thus, local companies and services offered in international markets are competitors. It is also worth noting that it is almost impossible to avoid paying the tax fee in Sweden. If the activities of the partners of OJSC are carried out outside the state, the corporate tax is not payable. Dividends are also not taxed if the company receives them from organizations that are not residents of the country.

Company registration procedure in Sweden

It is advisable that the entrepreneur obtains a residence permit in Sweden. This is due to the provisions of regulatory legal acts, it contains the following:

  • residents of Sweden or other Scandinavian countries do not need any kind of residence permit;
  • citizens of the eurozone countries are allowed to live in Sweden, however, they must be registered at the office of the migration service;
  • before registering a company, persons who are citizens of any other state must necessarily obtain an official residence permit.

You can establish a company in Swedish jurisdiction in one of the following several forms of business:

  • individual entrepreneurship. This form is beneficial because accounting is simple and does not contain hidden subtleties. There are no requirements for the minimum size of the registered capital. Income tax is imposed on the profits earned, and in the Scandinavian countries the rate for such a tax is higher than for income tax;
  • a limited liability company is an analogue of a PJSC. For the authorized capital, an amount of at least 50,000 thousand kroons is supposed (in dollars it is approximately 5-6 thousand);
  • private company with limited liability. As a rule, such enterprises include 1-2 founders. The capital is 50+ thousand kroons;
  • public company. The shares of such a company must be traded in free trade, which is why at the moment when the registration process takes place, the registered capital must be at least 500,000 kroons;
  • commercial type agency. The advantage of this form of business is that no requirements are set for the minimum size of the registered capital, and each of the partners is personally and fully responsible for the debt obligations of the company. This option is not very profitable for foreigners;
  • limited liability partnership. This type of organization assumes that responsibility for debts and any obligations of the company is imposed on one partner in full, while others are only partially responsible;
  • a branch of a foreign company. Such a structure is not registered separately, but exists as a subdivision of the main parent structure.

It is possible to establish a company in Swedish jurisdiction in 5-8 working days.

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