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Asset management license in France

February 9, 2024

Today, the establishment of companies in France, in particular those working in the financial sector, has gained particular popularity among investors. Many may wonder what is the reason for such a stir, but we will now look into this in detail, and also study the procedure for licensing an asset management firm in this jurisdiction.

Our company specializes in providing legal advisory and practical services for entrepreneurs who want to establish or expand their own business. Our lawyers will provide you with complete information on any issues related to obtaining an asset management license. We also have the option of France asset management license for sale, and will help you with the deal.

Overview of asset management license in France

Establishing and developing a business in this jurisdiction is a fairly profitable commercial option, since France is steadily developing and prospering. It is also worth mentioning the high standard of living of citizens and ensuring the safety of the country’s residents. The state takes care of its people as well as foreign assets. Medicine and education are also well developed here, and many laws are being developed aimed at reducing taxes. This is why France is so attractive to investors, especially those wishing to work in the financial sector.

The first stage of creating a company in a given jurisdiction is the authorization of the enterprise as an asset management company. You can obtain such permission within 2-3 months. The procedure itself is absolutely free.

Obtain asset management license in France: procedure and features

The general procedure is as follows.

  1. Establishment of a company in the jurisdiction.
  2. Bringing the business structure into compliance with local regulatory parameters, collecting documents and applying for a permit.
  3. Regulatory review of application.
  4. Announcement of the decision and notification to your company.

At the first stage, the entrepreneur needs to contact ACPR – the local regulator – to organize a meeting at which the company will present its project. Make sure you need this authorization as some companies, such as portfolio management companies, do not require a license to operate under local regulations.

A firm must get asset management license in France if it is a legal entity that meets the following criteria:

  • the total value of your assets is below 100 million euros;
  • all your clients are professional investors;
  • the company offers management of several types of assets and is not a narrowly specialized organization.

Our lawyers are ready to offer you the option of an asset management license in France for sale. We will accompany you during the transaction. Our specialists will also help you choose a country for registration and tell you about the best jurisdictions to obtain an asset management license.

If the company intends to carry out activities to manage the assets of European venture capital funds or European social enterprise funds, then the entrepreneur must submit an application under Regulation (EU) No. 345/2013 or Regulation (EU) No. 346./2013.

At the next stage, the company must submit an application in accordance with the regulator’s Instructions “Authorization procedures for investment management companies, information disclosure requirements and certification.” The Instructions also include a list with the necessary attachments and forms that the entrepreneur will need to fill out, indicating the specific type(s) of the company’s activities.

Next, the regulator will review your application and examine the necessary operations for each type of activity that you indicated. If you have any questions or difficulties during the application process, you can contact our company consultant. We will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. In addition, we also offer full support in obtaining permission and the option of a ready-made asset management license for sale in France.

Fund asset management

In this jurisdiction, the management of fund assets is regulated by European legislation and local rules for the field of asset management adopted by the French regulator ACPR. This is the supervisory authority for investment and fund asset management companies. This organization is responsible for preparing the regulations and operating rules that apply to the asset management industry and the licensing of French asset managers (SGP).

There is also a separate committee that has the power to impose disciplinary sanctions on asset management organizations, investment funds and depositories.

Before approving such a permit, ACPR will check the following compliance:

  • whether the office and central administration of the company are registered in France;
  •  company has sufficient capital of more than 125,000 euros;
  • whether the company has provided data on all shareholders who own a significant percentage of the company’s shares to allow the regulator to assess their qualifications;
  • the presence of a business plan and internal policies to ensure the company’s activities at the appropriate professional level.

As mentioned above, the asset management license in France is approved within three months from the date of application.

Our company is ready to offer you high-quality services regarding obtaining any type of professional permit. We also have the option of a ready-made company with a France asset management licensed company for sale.

French regulatory standards for asset management vary depending on the territory. The uniform requirement is that only regulated and licensed companies have the right to manage assets. In case of non-compliance with legal norms, a certain package of sanctions is imposed on the violator.

Advantages of France for asset management

  • Friendly business environment.

In recent years, the national idea of the business environment has changed significantly. At first, the commercial society did not welcome all the innovations, but in the end the companies were more than satisfied with all the reforms adopted in their regard, especially reducing the influence of trade unions and reducing the tax burden.

  • Strong connection with the market area of the European Union.

France is one of the key commercial links of the European Union. In the future, this connection will become even stronger. The EU provides a huge number of benefits for business. The main ones are the free movement of people and goods. This will provide the opportunity to trade in Europe without increased commission fees and restrictions.

  •   Location.

A huge advantage of this jurisdiction is its well-established infrastructure. Numerous ports, airports, highways and railways ensure that any location you choose will be an excellent location for your business. You are guaranteed a large number of customers and quick receipt of goods.

Having considered all the above advantages, we can say that the option of an asset management licensed company for sale in France is an excellent way to quickly start a business.

Our services

Our company provides many services that will make the licensing process easier for you.

  1. Preparing a complex application. We will prepare all the necessary papers, policies and processes for you.
  2. Preparation of KYC materials. Our employees will develop materials and compile characteristics of the main persons of the company.
  3. Submitting an official application. We will collect all the necessary papers for you and send the application to the appropriate authority.
  4. Interaction with the regulatory authority. Our employees will follow the entire application review process until it is fully approved.
  5. Consultations and support at all stages. We can also accompany you throughout the licensing process and attend meetings in person regarding obtaining a license.
  6. If you have any problems complying with the licensing conditions, we will also be happy to help you.
  7. Ready-made asset management license in France for sale and in other countries.
  8. For your comfort, our company can also advise you after you have received a license and answer your questions for the success of your business.

Our company has been operating in this market for many years, so we guarantee an individual approach and expertise of our specialists in this industry. We will help you fill out your license application, answer your questions, and collect all the necessary documents related to your business. We know everything about obtaining asset management licenses in Spain, Belgium, Portugal and other countries. We also have the option of a ready-made asset management license in France for sale.

Our company has a huge number of satisfied clients around the world, and can not only help you obtain a permit, but also offer to buy France licensed asset management company. Contact us as soon as possible and in the near future you will become the owner of a licensed enterprise in the EU.

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