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November 26, 2020

Legal consultation helps to find the best way to solve legal issues. This extremely useful service eliminates irreparable mistakes made out because of ignorance of the laws.
The lawyer assists in legal matters in family, criminal, housing, labor, financial, tax, inheritance law, as well as in real estate transactions. The consultation is primary and detailed. The first meeting with a lawyer is informational and does not require payment. A detailed consultation is provided as a separate service on a paid basis.
At the introductory stage, the lawyer learns the essence of the problem, the general picture of the client’s legal needs, suggests solutions, the cost and timing of a specific service. As a rule, during the initial consultation, you can find out basic information on the issue and make an informed decision.
The expanded stage takes time to prepare and formalize the provided service. At the request of the client, it can be recorded in written form. The cost of a consultation depends on the complexity of the service, as well as the time spent on preparation.
Negotiations with a lawyer can be carried out both in person in the office and remotely. For communication, you can use phone, email, Skype and instant messengers (Viber, What’sApp).
With the help of a competent lawyer consultation, you can solve a variety of legal issues, for example, defense in criminal proceedings, sale and purchase, divorce or marriage, inheritance, tax, pension or debt payments.
A professional lawyer will help you deal with any legal difficulties. Consultation can be obtained verbally or in writing in person or through various means of communication.
Using the qualified lawyer services is the right decision when you face with legal issues. Legal advice is a quick receipt of legal information, as well as assistance in solving problems at an honest cost. Experienced Eternity lawyers will find the optimal solution in the most difficult situations.
Advantages of legal consultation

  • efficiency;
  • professionalism;
  • relevance of information.

The law firm team includes qualified specialists from various legal fields. You can get the information you need, competent help and the best way to solve the problem. Contacting a specialized lawyer will save you from hard mistakes and unreasonable financial losses.
Eternity Law International offers the following:

  • saving time: to resolve issues and receive information orally or in written form remotely;
  • comprehensiveness of services: after receiving advice, you can immediately conclude an agreement with a lawyer;
  • complete information: attentive lawyers will convey the meaning of the problem in the most accessible form with references to the
  • current legal norms;
  • guaranteed confidentiality: all received information is protected by the law on advocate secrecy;
  • additional questions: if in the process of solving the need to clarify information, it is provided for free.

Eternity Law helps you with the following:

  • Urgent answers to your questions.
  • Professional support.
  • Systematic instructions for resolving legal issues.

Experienced lawyers specialize in the civil, administrative, criminal and commercial spheres, which allows them to solve problems in any law area efficiently. Advice and explanations enable the client to independently assess the current situation and consider options for resolving it.


How to order a lawyer consultation?
You can call the phone numbers listed on the website, write to the company’s e-mail or visit the office in person.
What issues does a lawyer solve?
The specialization of the Eternity Law International team allows us to provide advice both in a narrow field of law and in a complex one. Among the professionals, there are lawyers in civil, housing, commercial, tax, financial law, as well as many other branches of law.
What is the difference between an attorney and just a lawyer?
We cannot say that an attorney knows the law better than a lawyer does. However, experience and practice (in court or in other legal structures) give an attorney an advantage in a more accurate assessment of the situation, as well as in choosing the best option for resolving the issue.
Can I use additional legal services after consulting with your company?
If, you need the assistance in resolving legal issues after consultation, Eternity Law International will be ready to provide the necessary services. In this case, you will be offered a 10% loyalty discount.
How long will it take to consult a lawyer?
The duration of the consultation is determined individually, depending on the legal area of ​​the issue, the number of tasks and the complexity of implementation. The service time, on average, takes from 2 hours to 2 days.
Eternity Law International lawyers protect your interests in the state authorities of the country such as prosecutor’s office, courts, tax, national police, SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), SBR (State Bureau of Investigation) and NABU (National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine).
Scheme for the provision of consultation services by Eternity Law International:

  1. Call us. Our lawyers will provide you with an assessment of the situation, the consequences, several solutions, advice and recommendations, in accordance with the current legislation, and will also prevent your wrong actions.
  2. Come to the office. You will receive consultation on your questions with expert explanations, calculation of probable costs, price list for all necessary services and agreement for the provision of services.
  3. Make an order. We will form an agreement, a schedule for a step-by-step solution of your issue, an installment plan for multitasking services, a discount and explanations on the stages of legal action.
  4. Delegate your problems to us. We will monitor legislative norms in a specific area of ​​law, prepare a package of documents, resolve the problem, protect your interests in front of opponents and at every stage of legal support.

With us, you will receive the optimal solution to a legal issue, documented results of the services provided and recommendations for preventing such situations.

Why is it comfortable and reliable? Because Eternity Law International:

  • is a certified legal company;
  • has more than 80 options for legal services;
  • includes qualified lawyers;
  • provides effective and relevant expert advice;
  • keeps complete confidentiality.

Eternity Law International provides comprehensive information on any legal issue within the framework of current legal regulations. Long-term experience of representation in government agencies provides an opportunity to choose options for resolving disputes, proven in practice.
Contact us and we will save you from legal problems in any area of ​​legislation. Calls and applications are accepted around the clock. Get qualified professional help today.

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