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How to start a cryptocurrency company in Portugal

September 1, 2022

As specified in the findings of Ernst Young’s (EY) latest survey on foreign direct investment destinations, Portugal is included in the top ten countries in the EU. This survey showed that 50% of the investors think Portugal will achieve more investment attractiveness in 3 coming years and 37% of the investors are seeking to broaden their operations in this EU state. As the country is positioning itself as one of Europe’s most financially inventive centers in terms of the crypto field, with the majority of the FinTech buzz in Lisbon and Porto, the country has developed many incentives to gather people, acting in the field of crypto coins. How to start a cryptocurrency company in Portugala growing economy for investors, read on further. 

Crypto regulation in Portugal 

 A preferable place for Defi projects, Portugal is now the place where operations with new virtual money are free from taxing as they are not deemed as forms of payment. In accordance with a notification made by the Portuguese tax offices in 2016 which is still relevant. Individuals are exempt from paying the value-added tax on their buying and selling of digital assets, and solely professional operations paid in crypto are taxable. The local currency unit is the EUR, however, you can be paid in and pay for goods with crypto coins it’s a bilateral beneficial condition for both traders and business people. 

How to start a crypto company in Portugal 

An entity operating in the field of FinTech should acquire a legal permission for dealing with virtual assets. Banco de Portugal is the organization in charge of supervising digital assets and which, in cooperation with other regulative bodies, provides official permissions, i.e. licenses for exchanges. 

 An LLC is the most often used organizational and legal structure in this state. It is a good fit for starting a crypto exchange in Portugal, and some formalities regarding setting up an undertaking are as follows: 

  1. Deciding on the offers that will be delivered, and the scope of them; 
  2. Drawing up a description of offerings, business operations, etc;  
  3. Gathering formal papers about the senior management and ownership of the company. 
  4. Collecting compliance documentation. 
  5. State registration; 
  6. Getting permission from Banco de Portugal. 

 Typically, the authorization process in Portugal lasts nine months. However, it should be specified that every case of forming an exchange has some contrasting features from other cases. 

Defi technologies in Portugal 

The Portuguese officials have lately informed us that they are working on introducing National Technologies in the field of Blockchain. As of now, it is being analyzed how this technology can be launched, for which a special law will be laid down and adopted aiming to make easier crypto operations even more. In terms of the use of virtual currencies in Portugal, the following statistics are available:

  •         More than 2,4% of Portugal’s citizens are trading. 
  •         Those who apply virtual currency are generally 40-aged individuals and younger adults.
  •         Crypto coins can be applied as a currency in gambling places within the country. 
  •         No value-added taxes for crypto payments. 

 For other details on starting a Portuguese crypto company, please contact us. Reach out to our professionals and discover the services we provide.

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