Offshore company in Antigua

Registration cost 2 165.00 USD
Company renewal cost USD 1,585.00
Directors number 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Registered share capital 0.00
Mandatory reporting requirements No

Antigua is a small island state located in the Lesser Antilles. This charming and exotic country is becoming increasingly popular for offshore company registration. The island state’s tax and accounting policies allow business owners to run business comfortably and without overpayments.

Antigua Offshore Companies Pros

Antigua is still gaining popularity among businessmen in need of offshore companies. This state has a number of advantages guaranteed by legislation, in particular the following:

  • legal protection of property. All assets that are owned by an offshore company registered in Antigua are protected by jurisdiction. Thus, no encumbrances can be imposed on them;
  • a huge list of benefits that allow you to save money in terms of taxes;
  • complete anonymity. Personal information about the beneficiaries and management team of legal entities is not provided openly.

In addition, legal entities under the jurisdiction of Antigua are not required to report to regulatory authorities. The company owner can keep documents anywhere. There is also no need to hold an annual meeting of shareholders; you can choose the time of the meeting as you wish.

Taxation of Antigua

Legal entities registered in Antigua receive a 50 year tax exemption. There is also a list of payments specific to other countries that are not required to be paid in Antigua. In this offshore zone, you do not need to pay personal income tax, taxes on the transfer of property as a gift and on inheritance. The withholding tax is also not paid.

Preferential taxation is available only for companies operating abroad. Thus, it is much more profitable for companies based under this offshore to make a profit outside the islands than on their territory. Legal entities registered in Antigua do not need to pay stamp duty. However, an annual fee will be required. It is $ 300 on the territory of the island state.

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