Crypto license in France

Crypto license in France

The regulation for crypto assets was developed and implemented in France in 2014. A crypto license in France, which is mandatory for firms wishing to conduct commercial operations in this area, is an opportunity to take advantage of the conditions of a well-controlled environment, tax benefits and provide all services related to this market niche. The jurisdiction also allows functionality of crypto exchange license in France; the permit requires a separate receipt.

The French economy is characterized as one of the strongest in the world. That is why this jurisdiction has a fairly high popularity in terms of establishing commercial structures. For foreign investors, France offers reliable protection, stability and the most extended horizons for professional development.

France crypto registration: ways to get permission

In the jurisdiction, the control and supervision of crypto-currency activities is carried out by the AMF, an official body that is responsible for issuing licenses for working with crypto-assets. In order to get crypto-permission, it is necessary to follow certain French cryptocurrency laws and regulations. In particular, among the main points, the following can be identified.

  1. Before obtaining an activity permit, an entrepreneur must register a company in the jurisdiction. The most commonly used form by businessmen is SARL.
  2. Further, a corresponding application is submitted to the AMF, including a license for the exchange of cryptocurrencies in France, which will be a confirmation of the seriousness and thoroughness of the entrepreneur’s intentions.
  3. In order to get crypto Blockchain license in France, you need to draw up a well-thought-out plan for the company’s commercial operations, when drawing up which you need to be especially scrupulous and attentive. The plan should include general information about the business activities, the platforms or software that the firm will use, the technology solutions used, and other operational aspects.
  4. The firm must also have employees with sufficient experience for such an industry.
  5. The authorities may request any additional documents or schedule an interview with the applicant. If necessary, such an interview is conducted with the participation of a local agent.
  6. The firm should also pay attention to the development of a set of internal policies and regulations that would predict and take into account possible risks and through which they could be controlled.
  7. Businesses also commit to comply with the provisions of the French legal framework in relation to the prevention of illegal circulation of funds.

Another of the rather important aspects regarding obtaining France Crypto License is the availability of a competent and experienced specialist in the fight against illegal circulation of funds in the company’s staff. It is this specialist who is responsible for complying with laws and regulations that are aimed at ensuring the implementation of this legislative clause.

It should also be noted that all documents must be translated into French. In addition, they must be certified by a notary.

Get crypto Blockchain license in France: conditions for the license validity

The government of the jurisdiction intends to take certain measures so that digital money can be fully introduced into the everyday life of citizens, at the same time, with the maximum level of reliability and security of operations. France already has a plethora of crypto-currency ATMs and e-commerce platforms using Bitcoin. The introduction of new measures will be the basis for the following:

  • creating a stable and global national crypto market;
  • taxing digital assets with capital gains tax;
  • the formation by each firm of procedures that ensure the transparency of transactions with cryptocurrencies.

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