We provide professional services in the field of obtaining a financial license for an electronic money institution in Switzerland according to the EMI type (Electronic Money Institution).

For companies whose main business is the provision of financial services and asset management services, Switzerland acts as the most attractive country in terms of its jurisdiction.

Swiss law states that such companies are controlled by FINMA-registered self-regulatory organizations. Control refers exclusively to the area of ​​money laundering.

Clause 3 of Article 3 of the Swiss Federal Law on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism refers to financial intermediation the following:

  1. asset or securities management;
  2. providing investment advice;
  3. trading with securities, foreign exchange and other money market instruments;
  4. credit operations, including mortgage and consumer lending, financial leasing and commercial financing;
  5. intermediation in payment transactions related to electronic transfers;
  6. possession of deposit accounts in the form of securities.

What do you get:

  1. Registration of a company in Switzerland.
  2. Appointment of a Swiss resident as director.
  3. Service office and registration address for a period of 12 months.
  4. Timely submission of all applications to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Payment for the work of the Comppliance officer and selection of his candidacy.
  6. Opening an account with a European bank.
  7. Organization of assistance with AML / KYC policy.

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