Ready-made company in Bulgaria

Ready-made company in Bulgaria

An aged firm is already in existence firm that has no history, payables, or receivables, and offers a lifetime debt-free guarantee. It can be purchased and right away after your request is received, you can begin conducting business with your new firm. Our group of commerce experts can provide comprehensive information and assist investors from abroad in looking for proposals for the sale of ready-made companies in Bulgaria.

Why aged firm?

You ought to prefer ready-made shelf companies in Bulgaria for sale because

  • It saves time. Acquiring such an enterprise can be completed in a short period. You can start whatever activity you desire after the firm is submitted under your name.
  • It has a legal base. The firm is already recorded at regional organizations; the only thing left to do is to report the legal changes made following the acquisition of the firm.
  • You can buy it remotely. Our team of professionals can monitor and manage the whole procedure.
  • It has not been operated, hence there are no recognized liabilities.

Why Bulgaria?

Due to Bulgaria’s advantageous geographic position, forming an enterprise there provides you access to the European marketplace. Additionally, you benefit from the beneficial commercial advantages of its EU membership and universally recognised invoicing. Besides, the local government’s policy goal is to create an environment that will attract international assets. Low risk of investing, low currency risk and minimal budget shortfall. For international traders, economic sustainability, a profitable tax system and an inexpensive cost of living are huge pros of initiating commerce in Bulgaria.

Who may acquire aged Bulgarian companies?

In Bulgaria, both resident and international business proprietors can simply buy such firms. Although there aren’t any complicated processes to follow when transferring control rights of Bulgarian-aged corporations, we nonetheless advise speaking with one of our representatives for enterprise signup to get more info.

Enrollment in a Bulgarian company with a bank account

In Bulgaria, you can choose businesses integrated as LLCs or as JSCs when buying an aged organization. In compliance with Bulgarian regulations, after ownership has been transferred, the new owner is permitted to modify the company’s name. A Bulgarian state attorney is present during the takeover procedure, and after it is complete, the new owner must record the company’s modifications with the country’s Record of Companies.

Is there any danger related to the Shelf Company in Bulgaria?

You oughtn’t to think about danger because the transaction is entirely secure. Such a corporation is a registered trade entity with no operations and, thus, no debts, making it simple for nonresident businessmen to begin functioning in Bulgaria. Choosing a firm is a process that reveals all the details you require about an enterprise, considering if it has outstanding taxations, obligations, and previous owners. So, we offer to consult with our team of lawyers.

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