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Ready-made company in Bulgaria

October 17, 2022

Entrepreneurs who want to quickly enter the international market and become part of a rapidly developing commercial space can take advantage of the option of buying a ready-made company with a VAT number in Bulgaria. This is an economically stable and reliable jurisdiction, which is considered to be a fairly affordable business base. Ready tax number will save you a lot of time on registration, and you will get an active company that is fully ready to operate in the EU. You can buy a ready-made company even without a personal presence in the country, that is, online.

Our experts will provide you with comprehensive professional assistance in acquiring ready-made companies around the world. We work with hundreds of jurisdictions, in particular, we offer services for buying a company in the UAE, Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong and other countries.

Types of shelf companies in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, you can buy a company of the following type:

  • sole trader;
  • a collective company;
  • limited partnership;
  • limited liability company;
  • a sole proprietorship limited liability company;
  • joint-stock company;
  • limited liability company.

Benefits of buying a ready-made company in Bulgaria

A ready-made company in Bulgaria is a convenient solution, so many entrepreneurs strive to integrate into the commercial environment of this particular jurisdiction. Firstly, the incorporation of a company in this country means doing business in a promising jurisdiction with a lot of opportunities. Tax legislation in Bulgaria is fairly loyal. Buying a company in Bulgaria will cost relatively inexpensively, while it will bring excellent profits. To become successful in your business, you must subsequently comply with a number of conditions:

  • have an office and other commercial property;
  • open bank or merchant account for corporate purposes;
  • to have knowledgeable and experienced employees in the company’s staff;
  • ensure knowledge of and compliance with local law norms.

The cost of a ready-made company can vary greatly. Our specialists will help you in acquiring such a structure, accompanying you at every stage of the process.

How to buy a ready-made company in Bulgaria

Since Bulgaria is known as one of the European financial centers, buying a ready-made company here is a profitable decision for entrepreneurs from any country. It is important to competently and taking into account the smallest details to re-register the company for a new owner, in which our specialists will help you. We will check the history of the company, correctly fill out all the documents for the sale and purchase, and help you choose the most suitable company option for your type of activity.

To acquire a company and register a business in Bulgaria, you do not even need to have local citizenship, and one shareholder can immediately be a director.

Document list and requirements

Consider the list of documentation that is needed to open a company in this jurisdiction:

  • copies of foreign passports of the director and founder;
  • act of establishment of the company;
  • consent and sample signature;
  • protocol-decision on the establishment of the company;
  • share distribution declaration.

Our lawyers will help you prepare and collect any required documents so that you can quickly and correctly purchase a ready-made company in Bulgaria. It is important to bear in mind that companies with VAT are snapping up very quickly, so you need to prepare all the papers as quickly as possible. If at the time when everything is assembled, the company is no longer for sale, we will help you find a new one.

The price of such a company may vary, depending on your requests. Therefore, we can announce the exact cost only when viewing and choosing a specific offer. In addition, in order to save the tax number, you definitely need to find and register a real office in Bulgaria, which will also be helped by the specialists of our company. We also work in other areas, in particular, we help in obtaining a Forex license in Mauritius, a gambling permit in Malta, a crypto license in Estonia and much more.

The process of acquiring a ready-made company in Bulgaria

You can buy a ready-made company on your own. You need to track current offers on the market, keep in touch with sellers and arrange everything in different instances. This process takes a lot of effort and personal time. Also, you can meet unscrupulous sellers and get an enterprise with a bad history or considerable debt obligations.

In order to be completely safe and definitely get a clean company to do business with, it is better to immediately seek help from our professionals. We offer a large database of proven companies, where you will definitely find a company that suits your requirements.

Our experts will provide comprehensive advice on any issue during the registration process, carry out the process of buying and selling and provide legal assistance if necessary. We also help to obtain a residence permit in the country, after registration of activity. As a result, cooperation with our company will save you a lot of money and time, thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge of all the intricacies of Bulgarian legislation.

Taxation in Bulgaria

Income tax in Bulgaria is one of lowest in Europe. The tax rate for individuals in the jurisdiction is only 10%. This tax is paid by both citizens of the country and non-residents. The only difference is that residents pay interest on all types of income, while foreign entrepreneurs pay this tax only on the income that was received in Bulgaria.

VAT on the territory of the state is 20%, and it must be paid for most goods and service categories. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you are self-employed, VAT is 9%. The same rate applies to persons who work in the real estate rental industry. International shipments do not pay value added tax. Firms whose annual turnover is less than 25 thousand euros may not be registered for VAT at all.

How much does a ready-made company in Bulgaria cost?

The full price of a ready-made company in the territory of this jurisdiction depends on a lot of factors, therefore it is calculated individually for each client. The price of the entire procedure for re-registration of a shelf company and additional corporate service range provided by our experts will be calculated immediately before the start of cooperation. At the same time, the specialists of our company calculate all costs as efficiently as possible, optimizing your budget.

What is included in the cost of services

Our company employs lawyers and managers with many years of experience in the field of opening and licensing various kinds of enterprises. We are proud of our specialists, thanks to their experience, mass of knowledge and professionalism. We cooperate both with beginners in the field of business in any direction, as well as with experienced entrepreneurs who want to expand their activities and open new branches in different countries. Our lawyers will help with the registration of a new company or the purchase of a turnkey company with full support at every stage.

  1. Selection of a profitable offer for each client according to your requests.
  2. Submission of documentation for obtaining a license and other permits.
  3. Preparation and submission of all forms and documents to the regulator.
  4. A wide range of additional corporate services for companies, including the selection and rental of an office, recruitment of employees, preparation of reports.
  5. Full support at every step of registration of activity.
  6. Bank and merchant account opening.
  7. Comprehensive consulting. We’ll give all information you may need.

The experts of our firm guarantee the quality of their work and effective results. We respect and value our customers, so buying or setting up a company with us is the most profitable solution that will save you time and money.

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