Offshore in Switzerland

In the modern business world, Switzerland has gained the image of an expensive, but, at the same time, stable country.

Tax planning and participation in various government tenders make Switzerland an ideal country for those looking to start a business abroad. Offshore in Switzerland is also possible, it is here that every businessman gets:

  • fixed taxes at the lowest rate;
  • loyalty to the company, including from the tax authorities;
  • a positive image among enterprises doing business in the international arena;
  • getting rid of any risks associated with both political and financial instability.

Without entering the offshore zone, Switzerland offers such taxation conditions that distinguish it favorably even from other European jurisdictions that have tax privileges.

The advantages of a company registered in Switzerland:

  • a very developed and flexible legal system in the world;
  • a fairly high standard of living of the population;
  • perfect modern legal system;
  • availability in obtaining resident status;
  • the ability to pay a single (fixed) tax on all profits, even if it was not received in Switzerland.

Simple tips for registering a company in Switzerland – Offshore in Switzerland

Companies operating in this country can be roughly divided into two types:

  • open joint stock company;
  • a limited liability society.

The first step in registering a company is its name. It is advisable to pick up several options in case one of them is already taken.

When you decide on the name, check with the institution of the relevant direction for the possibility of registering a company with that name and submit documents showing what type of business the company will be engaged in.

Provide the necessary data regarding the founders and the director in whose name the company will be registered.

After the set of necessary documents has been collected, the process of registration of the company begins, which will last about 7 working days.

But the registration period may increase or decrease – it all depends on how busy the registration apparatus is.

A registered company must have a legal address. By opening an account in one of the Swiss banks, you can be sure not only of the reliability of your investment, but also of complete confidentiality.

How to do bookkeeping in Switzerland – simple difficulties – offshore in Switzerland

The tax system in Switzerland is quite complicated, but you can understand it. Its main advantage is more favorable rates than in other EU countries. However, it should be remembered that:

  • for all enterprises operating in Switzerland, an annual audit is mandatory;
  • auditors can only be independent persons or companies that have a legal address in Switzerland;
  • inspection reports must be submitted to the State Register of Enterprises.

If you do not have time to deal with the preparation of a rather voluminous package of documents that must be provided to the relevant authorities and register a company in Switzerland, the professional team of Eternity Law International will carry out all the necessary work in the shortest possible time to register a turnkey legal entity for you.

Registration of a company in Switzerland is a confident step towards future stability and your company’s entry to a new, high level of development and appearance on the international market with a positive reputation. Call us, make your business a success.

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