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CBDC vs Cryptocurrency

September 26, 2022

Often, digital money issued and backed by monetary authorities (CBDC) is mistaken for other types of cryptocoins. However, the truth is that CBDCs have monetary authorities at the center of each transaction. As a comparison, common cryptocoins are digital tokens placed using cryptographic methods by a DLT or blockchain system. Besides this, a plethora of differences can be identified when comparing CBDC vs cryptocurrency.

How are CBDCs different from cryptos?

Cryptocoins employ public blockchain systems, whereas for CBDCs the available option is private ledgers. The key contrast between these public and private systems is the following:

  • There are no restrictions in a public system on persons who can join and participate in the technical infrastructure that provides ledger and smart contract services to applications. The in-progress operations applied by this system can be read, written, and audited by the general public, which helps a public system reserve its self-governed characteristics.
  • A private system is fully opposite to the public one and is presented itself as a distributed ledger that functions as a closed, secure database founded on cryptographic methods. It is not decentralised.

Monetary authorities impose a set of limitations on CBDC networks. They are appointed to the userbase on cryptonetworks; due to this factor, choices are made by achieving a consensus.

Hence, whilst cryptocoins are decentralised, CBDCs features a centralized nature. Besides, cryptocoins provide anonymity, whilst CBDCs permit central banks to obtain details about CBDC owners. CBDCs run on distinct technological platforms which is the full opposite of cryptocoins, which are often issued using blockchains.

CBDCs cannot be treated as stablecoins, which are currencies pegged to government-issued money like the US $ or European €. This can be explained as a CBDC is not linked to fiat money; instead, it is the fiat currency itself. For example, a CBDC EUR bill would be the same as a euro bill.

As established by the law, CBDCs can only be applied for payment purposes, and any investing is outright banned. This being the case, cryptocoins can be used for both financial transactions and market speculations.

Contrary to cryptocoins, a CBDC would be less concerned about confidentiality and customer details. The crypto market is autonomous with a P2P structure, whereas central banks are bounded by certain limitations.

Hence, in dealing with crypto, users can decide on how much and what type of information they want to disclose, while CBDC transactions will deliver large amounts of data to tax and regulative offices by default.

CBDCs, like fiat cash, are to be backed by the issuing government’s complete confidence. For their activities, monetary authorities will bear full liability.

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